NetServe Presents, World Backup Day

World Backup Day – March 31st

World Backup Day
Don’t be an April Fool
Back up your files on March 31st!
What is backup?

Backup is creating a second copy of all your important information and files in case the original version is lost or damaged. Instead of storing your information on a single machine (your computer) that can easily fail, you keep another copy somewhere safe.

Why should I backup?

Losing data is very common. Whether you have been breached or you lost your device – information could have been saved with backup. There are all types of disasters that your company could face – fire, theft, hurricane, blizzard, equipment failure, human error, and many more. If your critical assets become lost, your business is unfortunately in danger of closing. Imagine losing your tax, billing, payroll, and any other form of business critical data. Protecting your organization’s data is crucial to both your employees and your business’s success.

Files After Damage
Disaster Call to Action
Company Data Shut Down

If these statistics shock you – it is time to re-evaluate your current data backup and disaster recovery solution. Learn about why your solution is outdated and how to correct the issues here!

Backup Recovery Services

What are the leading causes of data loss?

Data loss can happen quickly and unexpectedly. Disaster come in all shapes and sizes. Most of the time, when people think of disasters some of the first thoughts are fires, flooding, snow storms – natural disasters. But, almost half of disasters happen because of hardware or system failure. And, the second leading cause of data loss? Human error. Accidents happen – and that’s why you need that extra layer of data insurance by regularly backing up your critical information. Below is a graph describing the leading causes of data loss:

Data Loss Pie Chart


Convinced yet? The next step is learning how to backup your information.

It is important to have a versatile and secure backup plan in place. The most practical and easy way to backup is with a cloud data backup solution. Cloud data backup is a simple and easy way to secure your organization’s information. You are able to access your data at any time, as long as you have a secure internet connection. With cloud backup you receive a flexible solution that allows for stability, stability, and cost savings.

Cloud Backup Service

NetServe365’s Cloud Backup Service

NetServe365’s Cloud Data Backup Service is fully managed, single-software solution that delivers fast and reliable data backup and disaster recovery assurance. NetServe365 will manage your backups with knowledgeable support 24/7/365 – including scheduling backups, responding to alerts and testing the entire process. We store your backups at our secure data center where you are able to send your information over a secure internet connection. We can backup and restore just a single file or an entire virtual machine with minimal damage to your daily business production. Allow NetServe365 to secure your business critical data to give you peace of mind that you return to normal business after a disaster!


Does your organization have an outdated data backup and disaster recovery solution or no solution at all? Contact us today to talk to a cloud backup expert to learn more about how NetServe365 can help you to protect and secure your organization.

Interested in how the data backup process works? Read more about our backup solution here or request a demonstration from our experts

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