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Workstation Backup


Secure documents, files, and workstations

Workstation backup is a hybrid-cloud backup solution for organizations that need to backup non-critical data on employees’ workstations. It starts with file and folder based backup all the way up to full or granular image based recovery. Workstation Backup allows you to keep a complete backup locally as well as offsite, secured in the cloud.

Workstation Backup


Your Data Is Safe With Us

All data is encrypted and transmitted to a secured hybrid cloud. Safeguard your data from device theft onsite and in transmission with the cloud.


Workstation Maintenance



.DOC—Microsoft® Word Document
.DOCX—Microsoft Word Open XML Document
.ODT—OpenDocument Text Document
.PAGES—Pages Document
.PDF—Adobe® Portable Document Format
.RTF—Rich Text Format File
.TXT—Plain Text File
.WPD—WordPerfect Document
.WPS—Microsoft Works Word Processor File

*Backup Documents works for files up to 50MB


.KEY—Keynote Presentation
.PPS—PowerPoint® Slide Show
.PPT—PowerPoint Presentation
.PPTX—PowerPoint Open XML Presentation


.CSV—Comma Separated Values File
.XLR—Microsoft Works Spreadsheet
.XLS—Microsoft Excel® Spreadsheet
.XLSX—Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet


Reliable & Secure

Data is critical to your business and needs to be accessible to you when and where you need it. With Workstation Backups, data is available with 99.999% up-time. Only the device owner holds the private encryption key to their data for complete security. Easily scale your usage while achieving greater protection against document loss from hardware failures, accidental deletions, or even ransomware. It is compliant to the strictest regulations. Don’t risk losing critical data – protect your information with Workstation Backup.


Fast Backup

We index every file on a device so we can quickly scan for changes and only backup minor increments at a time. The result is faster backup with minimal impact on CPU and outgoing bandwidth. Our workstation backup can handle almost anything with the power to backup 9,000 files per second. And on top of that, we are available to help — 24/7/365.

Faster Recovery

Being able to go back to the way things were yesterday is important. Don’t worry about accidental file deletion anymore. We can have you back up and running in five minutes after a disaster! We are able to recover anything from a single file or folder to an entire image. Trust the industry experts in our operations center for full data protection, day or night.


Workstation Backup Pricing

We offer two different levels of Workstation Backup to fully meet your needs. The first level covers all of your documents and files. If you need more than that, move to our full system backup for full coverage.


Documents Only

The documents only offering allows users to backup all documents and files that are under 50MB. Receive two document backups per day so you are never missing critical information. There is a 28 retention period for up to 56 different file revisions.

Full System

Have larger files or need more than just documents backed up? With the full system offering, we will backup the user’s entire machine. We can backup larger files and different file extensions than listed above. Additional storage is billed per terabyte.

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