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February 9, 2017

Why Invest in Managed Services in 2017

The managed services market is predicted to grow significantly, $193 billion, by 2019. Many businesses, of all sizes, are moving over to the managed IT services business model due to their inherent benefits. These benefits to your network and server performance and productivity are fueling the impressive market growth of managed IT services with a managed service providers (MSP).  As your organization continues to plan for the rest of 2017, it is important to recognize the benefits that managed IT support can bring to your information technology.

Why are Managed Services in such High demand?

Managed Services, NetServe365’s core business, is most often referred to as a strategically planned and customer-centric approach to IT. A MSP will assume an on-going responsibility of a defined set of services to its clients. These services can include, but are definitely not limited to, anything from 24/7/365 network, server, security monitoring and management, issue remediation, help desk support, or data backup management. MSPs operate 24/7 so there is no guess work when issues arise. No more calls in the middle of the night or arriving to work blindly unaware of issues on a Monday morning.

A recent study by CompTia found that there are many different reasons that business owners are moving towards the managed services model that can range from higher security practices to peace of mind. Investing in managed IT support can easily differentiate you from your competition. Proactively taking care of your IT can reduce downtime and save a significant amount of associated costs. As you can see, managed services have many great benefits. So, what are the others you ask?

  1. Improved security
  2. Better Uptime
  3. Cost savings
  4. Peace of mind
  5. Free up time of internal IT staff
  6. Cost-effective approach to lack of IT staff
  7. Proactive approach to IT problems
  8. Gain access to new technologies

Let’s dig a bit deeper into these benefits of Managed IT Services

Improved Security

Everything you use for work stores and transmits data- some of it being sensitive mission critical data. Because of this, it is important to have strict security measures in place. No one wants to be the next headline in the news. Managed security services will focus on your specific compliance needs for certain protocol, policies and procedures. Security and data protection are at an all-time high for organizations, of all sizes, due to the recent surge (and never slowing) of data breaches and security attacks.

Better up-time

As a trusted MSP, it is our job to help clients identify and prevent the kind of damaging impact a downtime event could have on your business. Avoid long-term downtime by leveraging a MSP that will keep your IT systems running smoothly and efficiently. You need to be completely ready for any emergency, especially for ones that can damage accounts or credibility.

Cost savings

One of the best business values of managed services is the inherent cost savings. IT budgets can consist of many things like hardware, software, maintenance, etc., but you cannot forget about the labor costs. Implementing new technology is great, but you need staff to manage that technology. Sometimes, organizations won’t have the current man power or budget to take care of that. In these cases, when partnering with a MSP, you will have direct access to trained engineers that will act as an extension to your team. You will be able to easily predict your monthly IT costs on a monthly basis and experience a strong ROI.

Peace of Mind

Managed service providers are 24/7/365. They will be remotely monitoring and managing your systems at all times of the day and night – even on weekends and holidays. You can finally take the guess work out of your IT. With managed IT support, they are your eyes and ears, responding and validating alerts, remediating issues and much more.

Free up time of internal staff

Because you have a full MSP on your side, your team can go back to focusing on revenue generating projects. Relinquish tedious tasks, like upgrades and patching, to the staff of a MSP. Your team will be able to realign IT focus on projects that are more meaningful to the business. As well as, if your team is too busy to handle certain projects, you can let the staff of a MSP handle implementing these with project management.

Proactive Approach to IT

Many clients don’t want to worry about their daily IT operations. They don’t want to think about their reliability and speed of their network or the state of their IT environment. Another great benefit of managed IT support is that with 24/7/365 coverage, you don’t have to worry about these things anymore. The MSP will be able to troubleshoot and remediate glitches before they become critical issues.

Gain access to new Technology

Many times, organizations with not have the knowledge or training to implement the IT systems that are necessary. In these cases, they will work with an outside team. They get access to a whole team of trained experts and will have access to the latest technology and solutions to maintain uptime and profitability.


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