What to expect when working with a MSP


September 27, 2015

What to expect when working with a MSP

Let’s face it, the technology industry is one of the fastest growing and important industries out there. Today, no organizations can say that they don’t use technology. IT is a unique market that is always changing, growing, and becoming more and more vital to our everyday lives. As technology changes, our processes and models for our business need to change. Many businesses today are still lacking technology innovation and growth which can slow their productivity and production. Techaisle’s SMB Managed Services adoption study shows that only 40% of US’s SMBs are using Managed Services to support their IT business requirements. This is great news for a MSP because there is still a huge market that they can strategically focus on.

Why choose a MSP instead of relying on your old technology model? MSPs go a step farther than your normal IT department. The advanced engineers and technicians at the MSP can supply expert IT solutions tailored to your business. They won’t stop there though. The MSP will learn and work with your company to understand your IT needs; what you need now and what you need in the future to fully meet your business goals.

Here are a few things that you can expect while working with a MSP

1. Trusting Relationship
MSPs have your back. A company fully staffed with IT engineers and technicians are working for the greater good of your company, day and night. They are constantly making sure that you never experience service interruptions in your IT so you can achieve all of your business goals. From cloud services, disaster recovery, remote monitoring and management and even more, the MSP is working with you to make the right decisions as your trusty advisor. The engineers will work with you to strategically plan and implement projects that are tailored to your needs. The MSP isn’t just reselling hardware and software to you, they are going the extra mile. That’s a trustworthy advisor you want by your side at all times.

2. Peace of Mind
With a MSP, you don’t have to worry about IT surprises. MSPs are proactively checking the health and status of your software and hardware to make sure that it is working at the highest efficiency. If something does go wrong, the technicians are there to resolve the issue instantly. They are there, when you don’t want to be, and don’t need to be, so you can have peace of mind that your networks are always safe and running smoothly. Your IT has never been so simple.

3. Return on Investment
While working with a MSP, you will instantly see a return on your investment. Your profits will increase along with your productivity. When there are less issues to worry about, your employees can work efficiently so they can reach their goals. While using the break/fix model, you can get charged for site visits, emergency fees, and much more. You won’t have that with your MSP because we can remotely monitor and manage your networks. MSPs also offer fixed pricing, so you will be able to budget and have a trackable monthly income.

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