NetServe365's Valley Food System Case Study

Valley Food Systems Case Study



NetServe365 provides Valley Food Systems with a reliable technology solution tailored to their unique 24/7/365 manufacturing needs.

Valley Foods was looking for an IT company who could handle their IT and budget requirements. After dealing with a few service providers not up to the task, they partnered with NetServe365. Valley Foods found what they were looking for in NetServe365’s unique managed service offerings. Currently, NetServe365 handles all Valley Foods IT needs 24/7/365 with reliability and consistency – including monitoring, colocation, cloud hosting, maintenance and 24/7/365 support.


Jim Stizza, General Manager for Valley Food Systems, was frustrated by the shortcomings and limitations of their various engagements with IT service providers. The company had an in house IT manager who did things on his time frame and kept everyone in the dark, they also tried a local company that hosted their applications but found them to be unreliable. “For a manufacturing company, it is imperative to have operations up and running 24/7/365,” explained Stizza. “We needed a solution that was transparent and had a service staff that could support our needs as soon as they arose, not weeks later.” After their IT provider left their network down for days because of equipment issues on their end, Valley Food Systems decided it was time to find an alternative solution.



In looking for a Managed Service Provider (MSP), Valley Food Systems was looking for a company that had a quick response time, understood the IT needs of the company and was honest and reliable. NetServe365 met all of the requirements and more. When Valley Food Systems partnered with NetServe365 they moved to a virtual cloud environment provided by NetServe365.


Valley Food Systems Increases Efficiency and Productivity Company Wide by Partnering with NetServe365 “In the 6 plus years we have worked with NetServe365, they have proven to be honest and trustworthy,” stated Jim Stizza. “They have incredible response time when dealing with any issue that arises. The company truly understands our needs and they never try to over sell us. Companies our size can rarely ever afford an IT department, definitely not a 24/7 IT staff. We are able to work hand-in-hand with NetServe365, to get maintenance and support at all times. They truly are our eyes 24/7/365!”

“Since engagement with NetServe365, they have given VFS a reliable network and servers that are almost always available. I think since we switched to the data center, we have been “down” maybe twice and that was for only 10 minutes each time,” explained Stizza. “NetServe365 also has a Network Operations Center that is staffed 24/7/365 so our issues are recognized and resolved all hours of the day. If we do run into a network issue, NetServe365’s Cisco certified engineers have it covered. The data center has redundancies that we could never afford to duplicate. We do not have to ever buy servers again. Our backups are done nightly with no issue.

NetServe365 was the Managed Service Provider that brought Valley Food Systems peace of mind. As a company with locations in 4 states, it is important to be able to monitor all processes and NetServe365 has allowed VFS to do just that!

“From day one NetServe365 has assisted Valley Foods. NetServe365 even consulted on the specific software we should implement. The software chosen by NetServe365 has allowed us to develop the entire custom manufacturing end of our business” commented Stizza.

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