Top Features of SQL Server 2016


New Features of SQL Server 2016
May 19, 2016

Top Features of the New SQL Server 2016 that Debuts on June 1st

With the release of SQL Server 2016 coming in less than two weeks (June 1, 2016), Microsoft has come prepared to wow with some new exciting features. The earlier versions of SQL has had unparalleled performance, but Microsoft has outdone themselves this time with groundbreaking additions. Microsoft SQL is the enterprise-level relational database management system. The 2016 version is the first database that is born completely in the cloud, setting a new standard for the pace of innovation. They are addressing the most demanding and intelligent applications by utilizing an open-ended data management and business analytic solution – also available is the functionality to view data on multiple devices. Below we are going to explain some of the top features that SQL Server 2016 will be showcasing in June. Check out more below!

Always Encrypted

  • SQL 2016 has a multi-touch approach to security that has a proven track record. You can be at ease by knowing your data is always protected, at rest or in motion, with TDE and Always Encrypted. SQL Server can perform operations on encrypted data and the encryption key will be able to remain within the application. You will be able to grant access based on user characteristics with row level security.

Real Time Analytics

  • The built-in advance analytics provide scalability and performance for building and running algorithms directly to the core of SQL transactional database. Be able to tune your system for optimal performance, as well as increase workload concurrency. You will be able to process analytics in-place, reducing latencies and operational costs.

Stretch Database

  • SQL Server 2016 delivers consistent experience both on site and in the cloud. You can dynamically stretch in-premise databases to Azure. Your hot data (more frequently accessed data) to be on premise and the cold data (less frequently accessed data) to be migrated to the cloud. Tackle your mission-critical workloads with larger Azure virtual machine sizes.

Query Store

  • The Query Store in a new SQL Server component that captures queries, query plans, runtime statistics, and more in a persistent store inside the database. It primary targets administrative scenarios for performance troubleshooting and identifying regressed workloads. It is able to collect query texts and all other relevant properties, as well as performance metrics. The query store is viewed and managed through Managed Studio or by using different views and procedures.


  • AlwaysON was introduced in the 2012 Server, and now on SQL Server 2016 they strive to deliver an enhanced high availability solution. This disaster recovery solution provides redundancy within a datacenter and across datacenters to help enable fast failover of applications during planned and unplanned downtime.

In-memory OLTP

  • In-memory OLTP is continued to mature in SQL Server 2016 by extending the functionality to more applications while enhancing concurrency. They expanded the T-SQL surface area, increasing the number of memory supported into the terabyte range as well as supporting a greater number of CPUs.


  • With technology and data continuously growing at rapid speeds, it is more important than ever to have reliable, easy manageable, and high performance tools at the disposal of your IT team. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 delivers breakthrough mission-critical capabilities in scalability, performance, and availability for your most important OLTP and data warehousing workloads. You will be able to scale up to 12TB of memory, reach up to 30x faster transactions and 100x faster queries with enhanced in-memory performance, run real-time operational analytics over transactional data, and balance loads across readable secondaries in Always on groups.


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