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Cyber Security Awareness Month
October 24, 2017
IT Trends Blog & Events

Top Security Statistics & Blogs for Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is known for many great things, the autumn season, leaves changing, pumpkin spice drinks, and Halloween. However, for IT security professionals, this month is important because it is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The modern threat landscape is scary enough that it could make any organization want to hide. As it continues to grow and evolve, more and more businesses, small to large, are starting to realize the monumental damage a potential attack could do to your organization. Below, we have rounded up the top statistics to illustrate the current threats that organizations are facing today; as well as the top security blogs from the past few months. Keep reading for more tips (and maybe a scare) on how to increase your security posture.


While cyber threats continue to grow in sophistication and vector, organizations seem to struggle to stay up to par with their security measures. A recent ransomware report by CyberSecurity Insiders states that organizations are overwhelmed by frequent, severe ransomware attacks – which have become the number one cyber threat to organizations. These following stats highlight how ill-prepared organizations are:

  • According to the FBI, Ransomware alone is a billion-dollar industry. Why? It is extremely easy for hackers to conduct – especially with ransomware-as-a-service programs out on the market. Source
  • 5,152,622 records are lost or stolen every day according to breach level index. This is 60 records every single second – and the numbers are increasing every day. Source
  • According to Kaspersky Labs, the most prevalent attacks in small to medium sized businesses are web-based attacks and phishing/social engineering. Source
  • 4,000 ransomware attacks occurred per day in 2016. Source
  • 323,000 new malware strains are found daily. Source


Company risk will never go away, but there are things you can do to manage vulnerabilities within your organization. With a lack of security expertise and 24/7/365 coverage, vulnerabilities can easily slip through the cracks and create bigger issues in your organization.

  • 84% of big breaches were detectable. Source
  • Security professionals rank user awareness training as the most effective tactic to prevent & block ransomware – followed by endpoint security solutions and patch management. Source
  • 55% of businesses in the US have had a breach in the past 12 months. Source


The truth in the matter is that without proper detective and preventative solutions your business will experience a data breach.

  • 60% of small companies go out of business within 6 months of a data breach. Source
  • 1 in 4 organizations experience a data breach according to IBM Security and Ponemon. Source
  • The annual cost of global cyber-crime damages is estimated to cost $6 trillion by 2021.Source
  • The average cost for a data breach in the US is $7.35 million, according to ISM Security and Ponemon. Source


These days, every organization needs to be aware of the threats that lies in front of them. Did these stats hit home for you? Keep reading to learn more about how to strengthen your security posture with our most popular security blogs:

Establishing the Human Firewall: The Infosec Dream

Establishing the Human Firewall

When people think about information security, they usually think about the systems, software, and hardware that are working behind the scene to protect an organization’s data. There is one part of security that is usually overlooked though and that is people. Humans are the greatest access point to business-critical data and will always be the main target for threat actors.

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Part 1: 2017 Trends in Attack Behaviors

Attack Behavior Trends

As we all know, the threat landscape is always changing. The evolution of attack behaviors with the increasing number of attacks is extremely troubling for IT professionals. Attack strategies not only have a large impact with the ability to spread, it is now becoming extremely difficult to recover from such attacks. As cyber criminals find new ways to evade detection, innovation continues to escalate the effectiveness of their attacks. As Destruction of service (DeOS) attacks become the new strategy, cyber criminals are seeking new ways to eliminate the “safety-net” that organizations rely on to restore their systems and data following cyber incidents.

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What is a MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider)?

Businesses today are bombarded by the evolving cyber threat landscape. Security services are becoming a must-have and it is causing organizations to seek out trusted security partners to aide with unmanageable vulnerabilities. This is where a Managed Security Services Provider, also known as MSSP, steps in.

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5 Lessons Every Organization Should Learn After WannaCry and Petya Attack

Recently, two large-scale ransomware attacks have caused chaos for many organizations across the world. In May, there was WannaCry which infected around 300,000 machines throughout different countries; The UK’s National Health System was hit particularly hard. As of last week, a new variant of Petya was released that started in Ukraine’s power grid but quickly spread across multiple countries infecting thousands of computers.

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5 Lessons Every Organization Should Learn After WannaCry and Petya Attack

A ransomware nightmare has happened and you have become the target. Unfortunately, this isn’t a nightmare that you can wake up from. The ransomware attack is in full force and it is holding your sensitive information for ransom. In the past year, ransomware has reached a new level of maturation as cyber criminals target consumers and businesses. Attacks can have a major impact on business continuity, productivity, and reputation – not to mention your bottom line. Ransomware has exploded in 2016 to a billion-dollar industry and the trends don’t show any decreasing growth.

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