Three Reasons to Move to a Hybrid Cloud Computing Solution


Hybrid Clout Computing Solution
April 21, 2016

Three Reasons to Move to a Hybrid Cloud Today

Hybrid Cloud Computing has many undeniable benefits and can really help your organization’s data needs. A recent survey found that almost 60% of respondents have moved or are considering moving to a hybrid cloud computing solution due to the limitations of operating in either a private cloud or public cloud environment. Cloud migration is on the rise, but the process can be time-consuming and difficult – and if it is not properly planned and deployed, it can become messy and expensive for your organization. Not all organizations can handle large cloud migrations themselves though and many businesses aren’t comfortable with migrating an entire organization’s infrastructure to the cloud – whether it is for cost, security, compliance, or end user performance needs. In these cases, a Hybrid Cloud Solution is a perfect fit for them. You are able to keep your private and public cloud computing infrastructures as completely separate entities. They are connected through standardized technology that allows data and application portability with on-demand public cloud scalability and the security of dedicated private cloud infrastructure.

So, let’s learn a little more about why the Hybrid Cloud Computing Solution is so appealing:

Fit for your needs

The public cloud has many proven benefits for certain workloads and needs. The scalability of a public cloud is very conducive for the peaks and valleys of an organization’s needs. However, many businesses are weary of the public cloud when it comes to data security. On the other hand, solely operating on dedicated gear in the private cloud can supply enhanced security, but can also come with hefty costs and limited use for applications with short life lines.

All businesses are different and have different sets of needs and requirements – there is never a one size fit all solution when it comes to cloud computing services. This is the beauty of a hybrid cloud computing solution. You will be able to meet your specific organizational needs because the hybrid cloud is a holistic approach. Public cloud, private cloud, and dedicated servers work together as one platform for improved performance, scalability, and security.

Improved Security

Hybrid Cloud Computing allows businesses to maintain their sensitive data on a dedicated server behind their firewalls and combine the high performance and scalability of the public cloud for one seamless, agile, and secure environment. With this combination, you will be able to address many specific security and compliance concerns that you have.

Cost Benefits

The hybrid cloud strategy allows an organization to leverage the scalability and cost-effectiveness of a public cloud offering. You are able to reduce the overall total cost of ownership and improve the cost efficiency by closely aligning your cost to your revenue/demand pattern.

Convinced? The Hybrid Cloud Computing Solution approach has many benefits for your organization for now and in the future. The Hybrid Cloud gives you access to public cloud capabilities, security of a solely dedicated infrastructure, and the ability to scale with your business needs.

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