The State of Cloud Adoption 2016


The State of Cloud Adoption stats
March 1, 2016

The State of Cloud Adoption – 2016

From a recent survey of over 1000 IT professionals, conducted by company Evolve IP, it is reported that the majority of IT pros, 86% to be exact, say cloud computing represents the future model of IT. It is indicated that the cloud has gained “corporate alignment, increased real business benefits, and has near ubiquitous adoption.”

After years of discussed setbacks, I think that most IT pros can agree that Cloud Computing providers have moved beyond hype and took a seat at the heart of our organizations. This conducted survey proves the continued momentum for deployment of cloud services and the alignment of executives and IT managers on the dominant future of the cloud. While, unfortunately, we don’t have a crystal ball, over the next few years, while cloud computing deployment rates increase, we will see a continued strength in security, higher outsourcing rates, and over 90% of companies with some sort of cloud computing practice in place.

Here are some interesting statistics from the Survey:

91% of respondents said they have deployed at least one service in the cloud

On average, organizations have 4.9 services in the cloud & 75% said they plan to leverage new or additional cloud computing services in the next three years

53% of organizations have deployed a cloud solution of their own – of that number, 50% said they would outsource the deployment if they could start the process over again

50% of respondents said they believe that when facing disasters, their organization’s data is safer in a private cloud

Final Thoughts

As many organizations move to the cloud over the next few years, there will be an increase in the need for outsourced deployment partners. As this trend continues, it is important to look at partners that have the right fit for your organizational computing needs. NetServe365 is a Pittsburgh Managed IT Services Provider that has a cloud computing solution with many different deployment models to fit the specialized needs of any organization.

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