The cost of (not) monitoring


The Cost of (not) monitoring
April 26, 2016

The Cost of (Not) Monitoring

The average executive might not understand the importance of network monitoring and will misplace its importance low on the totem pole. The benefits and ROI might not be relatively clear to them right away. However, for an IT pro, the importance of monitoring is already known as a top priority for the network’s efficiency, security, and company’s success. It is important to explain the value of network monitoring to these executives in a way they will understand – in the language of money. The best way to approach this set of thinking is to ask, how much will not monitoring cost your organization in the long run. With this tactic, you can supply a, usually, shocking answer that makes the executives re-evaluate where they have network monitoring with managed IT services on the totem pole. Your team will be able to evaluate costs, benefits, and ROI from both sides of the spectrum and decide how to approach network monitoring.

So, how much will (not) monitoring cost you?

Organizations rely on their network to be working and accessible at all times. When an issue arises and any component of the network is down, business performance can be interrupted or put to a halt which causes revenue loss. For example, say a local organization decides against monitoring their network because it was too expensive. On a Friday night, something goes array that causes the network to go down for the whole weekend without recognition. Monday morning when employees come back to normal business hours, they are unable to complete their daily operations because no one was aware of the network issues. Depending on what your IT situation is, recovery time from an issue like this can either be relatively quick or very drawn out. Just one single hour of downtime can cause anywhere from a few thousand dollars lost in revenue to up to a few million dollars – depending on organization size. The loss can be even worse if you are a business whose mission includes the systems running 24/7. How much revenue can you afford to lose?

Here are a few things to consider when evaluating the cost of not monitoring your network:

  • What would be the end result impact of an undetected problem?
  • How long can a failure go unreported currently?
  • How long does it take to fix a particular problem from results of a failure?
  • How many sales or other income can you lose during a system failure?
  • How much does a staff cost to monitor your network 24/7/365?
  • Managed IT services Provider costs vs. traditional break-fix vendor costs?

There are a few ways to handle your network monitoring – in-house or remotely. Typically, only large enterprise organizations can afford the total cost of ownership for a monitoring system and staff to administer the platform (but this doesn’t mean that they don’t decide to remotely monitor either). For smaller and mid-sized businesses, in-house monitoring is just simply not cost-effective. In these cases, they will hire a managed IT services provider to remotely monitor and manage their network. The cost-savings structure supplies a team of highly trained engineers that will manage your network 24/7/365 and respond to alerts and fix issues before they become a critical problem. With managed IT services, you will be able to achieve a higher ROI and improve your bottom line with the cost savings of less downtime and not hiring extra staff, while achieving higher productivity and a more reliable network.

In the above scenario, an upfront cost for managed IT services could have prevented this whole costly situation – and more in the future. The truth in the matter is that whether your systems are monitored or not, networks can and will fail from time to time. However, with proper monitoring and a team of highly trained engineers, you can catch the issue and properly fix the problem before it affects the entire network (or causes future problems, like an entire system outage).

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