Improved Business Continuity and Up-time

NetServe365’s alerting and backup solution has greatly improved VisitPITTSBURGH’s business continuity and up-time. NetServe365 knows when there is an issue on our network and addresses it promptly, sometimes even before we know there is a problem. As a small non-profit organization, they treat us just as importantly and address our needs as if we were one of their large enterprises.

Long Lasting Relationship

I thank all the folks at NetServe365 for the success of the data center move and the on-going monitoring services that you provide. You are a very important partner for us and I look forward to a long last relationship as both of our companies continue to grow and prosper.

The Total Support System

NetServe365 has the best customer service through sales support, technical support and help desk support of any firm I’ve ever worked with. We needed a local provider provider that could provide onsite/remote support as well as 24/7/365 support from start to finish. I highly recommend them and it would be very difficult to move forward without them.

Expanding Their Product and Service Offerings

NetServe365’s team has evolved into a young talented group that is passionate about technology and eager to assist us in selecting products and services that meet our needs. It’s refreshing to work with such a dynamic team!

Honest & Trustworthy!

In the 6 plus years we have worked with NetServe365, they have proven to be honest and trustworthy. They have incredible response time when dealing any issue that arises. Companies our size can rarely ever afford an IT Department, definitely not a 24/7 IT staff. We are able to work hand-in-hand with NetServe365 to get maintenance and support at all times. They truly are our eyes 24/7/365!