TechTalk: Inside NetServe365 - Meet Wes


Wes Cryder
September 2, 2014

TechTalk: Inside NetServe365 – Meet Wes

Who better to describe what’s happening in the tech world than our own IT staff? For today’s TechTalk, we’re diving into the NetServe365 organization and interviewing a 10-year veteran of our company, Wes Cryder

Wes Cryder, Sales Support Manager

Q: You’ve been at NetServe365 for almost 10 years now. What keeps you at the company?

A: NetServe365 has always provided me with the opportunity for personal growth while encouraging creativity. As you mentioned, I have been with this company for almost ten years. The youth movement is the most remarkable part of the company and the main reason why I enjoy my job. In this day and age, it is practically unheard of for a young professional just out of college or technical school to stay with a company for more than a couple of years. NetServe365 has a number of twenty-somethings that have worked at this company for 5, 6 and 7+ years. I have seen time and time again how management has enabled those who want to turn a job into a career.

Q: What does a day in the life of Wes at NetServe365 look like?

A: I arrive at the office between 6:00 and 6:30 as I believe morning people rule the world. As Sales Support Manager, I coordinate with the Advanced Engineering team to develop internal service proposals for Managed Services and Cloud Computing, as well as work on quotations for projects that involve vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, NEC, Extreme and Lenovo. Depending on the situation, I work with the sales team or directly with customers and partners—keeping in mind the end goal of delivering on our promises as quickly and accurately as possible.

Q: What has been your biggest struggle and biggest success and how did they come to fruition? (This may be the same story!)

A: Napoleon Hill once wrote “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” Struggles occur on a daily basis in any job and any industry. Over the past 10+ years in the professional workspace, I have learned that people in the workplace are defined by how they respond to those struggles. In working with Justin Cameron and the management team, they continuously offer the constructive criticism needed when a struggle is encountered and that helps me be a stronger and ultimately more successful employee.

Q: What do you think is the next emerging technology that businesses and/or consumers will need to be cluing into within the next year? Why?

A: Great question. The ‘Internet of Things’ is something that is becoming part of everyday reality in the IT landscape. Billions of devices and sensors extending across an enterprise’s infrastructure to the network edge, some of which are non-traditional devices, are connecting to the Internet in new places. Industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, transportation and energy are encountering devices that represent themselves digitally and that have the potential to be controlled from anywhere, anytime. Organizations must find ways to efficiently and securely cope with the Internet of Things now. NetServe365’s core business is remotely monitoring and managing devices for a customer and this capability extends to the non-traditional devices.

Another technology to watch for is ‘data science’, specifically as it relates to Big Data and the petabytes of information companies generate. Retailers, banks and more want the ability to analyze and interpret the overwhelming amount of data that the Internet, smartphones and machines are generating.

Q: What is your favorite part about working in Pittsburgh?

A: Pittsburgh is in the middle of a technical revolution. Of course, there is IT. But also, Advanced Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Hospitality and Education. Last month while on a plane ride back to Pittsburgh, I sat next to a gentleman and discussed with him the idea that Pittsburgh needs to brag more about this revolution and how we, as a city, have transformed so much over the past twenty years. Perhaps I was channeling my inner Audrey Russo (President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Tech Council) because when I returned to the office, I read her article “Pittsburgh: We need to be more ‘braggy’”. Thanks to articles like the one she wrote, along with AlphaLab and what they are doing for startups, the word is getting out. The future looks bright for Pittsburgh and those who work in this area.

Q: Tell us something only the NetServe365 team knows about you. (It can be work related or not!)

A: When I am not spending time with my wife and two children, I operate a local entertainment company where I DJ and host karaoke on a weekly basis. In addition, my wife and I teach early childhood music classes year-round to families with infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

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