TechTalk: Inside NetServe365 - Meet Mike


Mike Spezialetti
September 30, 2014

TechTalk: Inside NetServe365 – Meet Mike

For this edition of TechTalk: Inside NetServe365, you are meeting Mike Spezialetti – NetSeve365’s Director of Sales

Mike Spezialetti, Director of Sales

Q: Can you run us through the typical day as Director of Sales at NetServe365?

At NetServe365, our sales team works remotely, we have sales associates in Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Columbus. Depending on the day, you can find me traveling to client meetings in the tri-state area or in my office in our headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. NetServe365 is an early rising company and my day starts early so I usually grab a Starbucks on the way to work. We have a lot of internal collaboration at NetServe365 so my days are comprised of meetings with the sales team, sales support staff as well as senior management. Every day is a mixed bag of meetings and calls both internal and external. Sales is driving the revenue for the rest of the company so my job is to keep all of our individual efforts pointed in the same direction.

Q: Tell us your favorite part of working at NetServe365?

I would say the best thing about working at NetServe365 is helping clients. I have been with NetServe365 for about a year and something that pleasantly surprised me when I started here is that over delivering on promises is truly built into the DNA of NetServe365. Being part of a company that brings a successful solution to a client’s unique problem is a great feeling. Seeing a smile on a customer’s face and continuing a strong relationship with clients is the best part of my job. Clients truly view us as an extension of their business, which is the highest compliment you can receive.

Q: If you had the opportunity to sneak out of work … what would you do?

If the opportunity presented itself I would go to a day Pirate game! The Pirates are by far my favorite team and the excitement of the city during and after games is exhilarating.

Q: Where do you see NetServe365 in 2 years from now … conquering the Northeastern region?

NetServe365 only has sales reps in Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Columbus but monitors devices on 6 of the 7 continents. I see the company expanding into even more markets. The first step in the expansion would be to have a real presence, through sales representatives in Buffalo, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

Q: Tell us something only the NetServe365 team knows about you. (It can be work related or not!)

I have an amazing ability for renting cars – my car renting skills are unrivaled! Joking… When I first came to NetServe365 we had an event in Atlantic City, I was in charge of renting a car. Six grown men had to squeeze into an Acadia. Let’s just say I am no longer in charge of renting cars for more than one person.

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