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Data Backups
March 31, 2017

How to Survive The Data Apocalypse

Today many technology professionals celebrate World Backup Day to raise awareness, promote the importance of data backups and learn about the increasing role of data in our lives. While this holiday has started with great intentions by a group of concerned reddit users, your organization’s approach to protecting data needs to be addressed every day.
The real question now isn’t, “If I experience data loss, what will I do?” Rather, it is, “When I experience data loss, what can I do to minimize the damage?”
Hackers are being increasingly sophisticated in their attack strategies and organizations need to change the way they view their protection strategies in parallel of these changes. Data is the lifeblood of all organizations daily operations. If a business critical asset was lost, stolen or destroyed you could run into business crippling situations such as legal issues and large associated remediation costs. Most aren’t equipped to handle the financial loss of downtime. A recent study by IBM stated that in 2016, the average consolidated total cost of a data breach grew from $3.8 million to $4 million. If securing and protecting your data was not a No. 1 priority before, it should be now.
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What will you do when the Data Apocalypse hits?

Disasters happen in many shapes and forms with many different levels of severities. Whether you experience malware, a crashed server, natural disaster, human error mistake or disgruntled employee attack, it is important that you are properly prepared to handle whatever comes your way.
Did you know that 52% of disasters happen by mistake? Let’s face it, humans aren’t perfect. We all make mistakes and this includes with our daily IT practices. At the end of February, Amazon Web Services S3 system experienced major downtime due to a common human error mistake – a typo. This caused many popular sites to crash partially or entirely for a major part of the day. While these large-scale downtime instances don’t happen regularly, they do materialize the need for organizations to properly place the right data backup solutions in place. Many organizations were left unprepared for downtime because they left all their tech eggs in one cloud basket.
With the real threat of major downtime always looming, enterprises need to do more than put technologies and processes in place (data encryption, strong passwords, etc.) that can alert you to attacks. It also means that you need to implement strong data backup and disaster recovery strategies in place. These can let you store data at an offsite, secure data center that allows for quick restoration if a disaster were to happen.

Unified, Automated Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Securing and protecting data in a comprehensive, efficient manner can be easier said than done though for organizations with multiple data formats. But, it definitely is not impossible. Managed Service Providers (MSP) have tools and process in place that can enable organizations to use a single, unified, automated platform to achieve data backups, archives, and recovery of all their data. The most reputable MSPs, will store your data in an off-site data center that can create efficient redundancy for your business-critical devices and applications. You can sleep with peace of mind that your data is future-proofed in case a disaster strikes.
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Data disasters happen to even the most reputable companies. What really matters is how efficiently and professionally you can handle the aftermath. As we celebrate World Backup Day, we must acknowledge that our digital footprint is increasingly growing in value. We cannot underestimate the value of regular data backups. Don’t be an April Fool – be prepared and start backing up your files on March 31st!
NetServe365 offers comprehensive, single-point of entry Cloud data backup and disaster recovery services from our headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. We secure your business critical information at our SSAE 16 compliant facility located in Pennsylvania. To learn more about our Data Backup Management Solution, visit here or contact us today for more information!

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