"May The Fourth" Remind Orgs of Cyber Security Challenges


Cyber Security Challenges
May 4, 2017

“May The Fourth” Remind Organizations of Cyber Security Challenges

May 4th is unlike any other day this month. Today is the day where all Star Wars junkies come together for a communal laugh about one of the silliest puns around: “May the Fourth” be with you – also known as Star Wars Day. Not only is this just a singular day about Star Wars, tomorrow May 5th is known as “Revenge of the Fifth”.

All jokes aside, today is as good as any to think about the dynamic and turbulent threat landscape of cyber security in comparison to the journey to become a Jedi Master. Today, news headlines are dominated by cyber attacks and breaches that cover all industries and business sizes. Just this week – Google Docs has been hit with email phishing attacks that are tricking end users to release their Gmail account information. And last week, Netflix was seriously hacked and because they wouldn’t pay ransom, a popular show’s, Orange is the New Black, new episodes were released. Even major companies are still under attack and learning where their vulnerabilities lay and how to implement multi-factor authorization. Security must be a top priority for all businesses these days, but learning how to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape can be a hard task for many organizations.


Cyber Security Challenges

So, what are the biggest challenges that organizations are facing today in their journey to overcome the dark side of the internet? A stronger and more precise cyber security posture is something that many organizations strive to achieve – but not all organizations can face this taunting challenge alone. Cybersecurity Insiders’ 2017 Cybersecurity Trends Report recently stated that lack of security awareness, lack of skilled employees, and lack of budget are the three biggest cybersecurity challenges for businesses. Let’s take an in-depth look at these:


Not Enough Skilled Employees

Many organizations struggle with finding skilled IT security professionals. In the Cybersecurity Trends Report, 45% of respondents said that lack of skilled personnel was the biggest obstacle they are facing when trying to achieve stronger cyber security. While organizations are facing rising threat levels, the worsening cyber skill shortage is creating a gap between keeping up with new threats and securing mission critical business information. Why is this happening when the security market is so hot right now though? It could be due to a lack of training, certification, or hands on experience in this matter. The struggle to find the right employees with the needed skill set to succeed in security is hurting businesses, especially when it comes to small and medium sized businesses. Most of the time, these organizations do not have the resources to support cyber security needs. Nonetheless, the lack of cyber security skills is hurting the need for businesses, of all sizes, to achieve a stronger security posture.

To address this security skills gap, many organizations are leveraging the many years of knowledge and expertise of a managed services provider. According to the report, 41% of respondents are planning to handle evolving security needs by deploying third-party services and solutions. These organizations have years of perfecting advanced technology, level of skill, and understanding of current threats and systems for a fraction of the price. With 24/7/365 security monitoring and support, any issues that arise can be promptly addressed and remediated. Plus, there is a whole suite of preventative solutions that provide extra layers of security that will bolster cyber security defenses. If an incident were to occur, we offer data back up and disaster recovery services that can get your organization up and running with minimal downtime. By leveraging the IT security services of a managed service provider, clients can experience peace of mind and stronger security posture because the operations center is working in the background as an extension of your team scanning for any malicious activity and keeping network and endpoints secure.


Budgetary Constraints

The second biggest barrier that is inhibiting organizations from defending cyber threats is the lack of budget. Unfortunately, no matter the issue, the lack of budget is always a challenge for organizations. 45% of respondents said they still lack the budget for bolstering their security efforts. Cybersecurity spending is still not aligned with the ever-so-changing threat landscape. Although, when respondents were asked how their security budget outlook was for the next 12 months the response was rather promising. 52% reported an increase in their budget for cyber security spending. This is an average 21% increase that organizations are allocating for security spending.

How are organizations battling the budget crisis? They are turning to a managed services provider. One of the biggest advantages of managed security is the greater cost savings organizations experience. Instead of a costly in-house solution, organizations are experiencing a greater ROI. Purchasing security hardware and software while staffing enough experts to have 24/7 coverage can cost organizations thousands of dollars. When partnering with a managed service provider, you receive the most advanced technology, 24/7/365 coverage, and access to trained and experienced professionals for a monthly fixed cost. Alone, the cost of on-boarding new employees, training them and then paying for benefits can cost organizations more than a managed solution.


Human Error and Security Awareness

Humans aren’t perfect. And most of the time, they aren’t properly trained in security awareness. In the Cybersecurity Trends Report, 40% of respondents said that low security awareness among employees is holding the company back from stronger security posture. Human error is one of the top reasons that huge data breaches have happened in the past and the lack of proper training is going to create higher risk numbers in the future as data breach strategies sophisticate. When these breaches happen, organizations risk reputation, customer loss, and revenue loss.

Organizations are trying to get a hold of human error by turning to managed service providers for training help. Managed service providers stay up to date on current and future threats so their clients can understand what they are up against. They help educate employees on the need to be aware of malicious activity. Managed service providers will not only support clients’ IT systems, but lend an IT consulting hand for security-related planning, procedures and protocol. Leveraging the knowledge of a MSP can allow organizations to bolster their security defenses at the front-line, their end-users.


Bolstering security posture and strengthening defenses against cyber criminals is on everyone’s mind. The Cybersecurity Trends Report found that organizations are prioritizing three key security capabilities to better their first line of defense: Improved threat detection, Better analytical capabilities and Threat Blocking. Take control of your future today by investing a stronger, efficient and cost-effective solution from your Managed Service Provider. You will be able to reduce the number of security breaches and amount of downtime by using better threat intelligence and security monitoring solutions by creating more visibility. If you don’t know where to start, contact us today for a security consultation. Good luck in your security search and May the Fourth be with you.





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