Reasons to Partner with a Managed IT Services Provider


Resons to Partner with a Managed IT Services Provider
January 12, 2016

Reasons to Partner with a Managed IT Services Provider

CompTIA has released the 4th annual Trends in Managed IT Services Provider Report. It is cited that, the Managed Services market is predicted to grow to $193B by 2019. What is driving this increase? While working with a Managed IT Services Provider, a client can have full access to expert IT engineers and new technologies while experiencing cost savings and improved efficiency and productivity. SMBs are starting to trust Managed Services Providers more and more with their IT functions for several reasons, the most popular are improved efficiency, enhanced security and a proactive service approach. Keep reading to see an in-depth list of the top five reasons SMBs are demanding managed services.


Improved Efficiency / Reliability of IT operations

Often, SMBs have an over-burdened IT staff with employees who may lack the skills and training for certain tasks or just can’t handle the company’s whole network on their own. These companies really reek the benefits of Managed Services. Some of these companies will have operations in-house and outsourced, which creates a relationship of trust with their Managed IT Services Provider. They are their working to improve the abilities of the in-house team; not do away with them. When you have the help of an extra team to trouble shoot and remediate issues, it can really relieve the stress of having to play catch up.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Customers turn to MSPs for strict security in fear of becoming the next big headline because of a data breach or security issue. Many companies have so much on their plate, that security and protection get placed on the back burner. When you partner with a MSP there is a team dedicated to your company’s security. Along with this topic, since many clients can offer e-commerce now, compliance is a huge topic. Trusting a MSP with security and data protection can ensure that your company’s information is always safe.

Proactive Approach

This is a well discussed and important point for MSPs. What do IT professionals not what to do every single hour of the day, especially after hours? 1. Worry about IT operations 2. Second guess their networks and the speediness of their IT environments. When working with a MSP you can receive 24/7/365 coverage with services like monitoring and security that allows engineers to detect potential disturbances in your environment. The team can resolve the problem before the clients even know there is a possible critical threat. Proactive monitoring and security combine for a proactive and safe network.

ROI/Cost Savings

One of the biggest business values of a MSP is the greater cost savings that clients receive, but CompTIA finds that respondents reported this as a lesser factor of why choosing to partner with a MSP. It used to be the number one factor, but today only 30% of respondents say it’s their number one. IT budgets can include many things: hardware, software, network infrastructure, maintenance, and much more. MSPs having the latest technology can smooth out maintenance costs on out dated hardware that IT departments don’t have the budget to cover. Also, with the expense of IT staff and labor, companies can’t always have a full staff with the understanding needed for all projects, without the associated costs. With the MSP business model, companies are able to predict monthly costs and total savings so they can focus on business critical operations.

Free IT staff to work on projects

When MSPs unload the burdensome tasks (maintenance, patch work, updates, etc.) from your employees, IT departments have more time to concentrate on other important projects that need to be completed. This can increase employees’ productivity and satisfaction, creating focus on revenue generating objectives.

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