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Public Vs. Private: What is the difference?
November 3, 2015

Public vs. Private Cloud: What is the difference?

Public or Private? That is the question. Which one of these cloud deployment models is right for your company? When talking about cloud storage services, it is best to fully understand the differences. Like with everything in the world, there are pros and cons to both private and public clouds. What is right for one company, might not be right for another. Let’s look at the differences:

Public Cloud:

A public cloud is a cloud deployment model that is in your provider’s data center. Within this data center, there are many different businesses using it, but your data is stored in your own location. One really nice feature about a public cloud is that the provider is responsible for management and maintenance of the data. This creates a low maintenance option for your IT staff. Many people see the public cloud as a security lacking option though, because of this lack of control. Quite frankly, this thought is outdated and false now-a-days. Even though you aren’t controlling the security of a public cloud, all your data is still remaining separate. Many companies see this as a less expensive way to host their data because they do not have to create an on premise data center. It is extremely cost effective because you only pay for what you need. The public cloud offers scalability and elasticity that a company won’t get with a private cloud. A company only pays for the storage they need at the given time, no more, no less. The private cloud is very attractive to small and midsize businesses.

Private Cloud:

A private cloud deployment model is also known as an enterprise or internal cloud. The private cloud resides in a data center that is located in-house at your company. The company does their own management, maintenance, and updating of their data center. Because of this, many companies see a private cloud as more secure because you can use your own in-house security measures. This isn’t totally true though either. One thing to worry about is disgruntled employees and inside jobs. It is very expensive to host your own data center on premise, so mostly large companies will have a private cloud.

So know that you know the differences between Private and Public cloud, which one is right for you? In the end, it will most likely come down to cost and control. A large corporation may choose the private cloud, while a SMB might go with the public cloud.

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