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April 11, 2017

Protect Your Business From The League of Extraordinary Cyber Criminals

Cyber criminals are smart and their tactics are getting more intricate every day. It’s hard to protect your business today, especially when organizations are struggling to find the correct IT support. Properly planning and securing your environments must be a top priority for your team – top down.

In 2016, companies and individuals were hit by over 90 million attacks. That’s 400 raids every minute. Most of the time, attacks aren’t even noticed for on average 229 days. With the treat of cyber-crime ominously looming over IT departments it is time to buckle down on cyber security knowledge company wide.

As records were set in 2016, the threat environment is only going to get more dangerous in 2017. Here are some themes to watch for in the upcoming months:


Ransomware is not new, but hackers are finding new ways to manipulate common and effective attack strategies. Ransomware is a mainstream type of computer virus that intentionally encrypts data. The bad guys will request payment in exchange for the encryption key. It can come into your network through the form of email or an automatic download from a rogue website. The impact of a ransomware attack can be devastating and paralyze your entire organization’s operations.


Billions of new Internet of Things devices are getting connected to corporate networks. While new innovations are still fixing security quirks, the higher the implementation of new devices will only increase the number of attacks. In 2016, Mirai malware was deployed on IoT devices as bots for DDoS attacks. This showed a new trend as it demonstrated how easy it was for cyber criminals to manipulate IoT to wreak havoc on a wider scale. These can be easily replicated and spread to other devices as well.

Mobile Security

As employers adopt the work remotely landscape, it is important to make sure your devices are properly secured. There needs to be a clear distinction between personal data and corporate data on these mobile devices. There are a few ways that malware infections can happen – risky applications, email phishing, rogue websites, etc. Even when employees follow recommended practices, there’s still a risk. Many IT service providers have implemented mobile device management platforms that can help keep corporate and personal data separate and secure.

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Stages Of An Attack

There are many kinds of attacks that are not listed above that could cripple your organization. These are just a starting point for where the future of the threat landscape is taking us. As your organization starts to prepare for these cyber-attacks, you should be aware of the several different stages that occur before, during and after you have become a victim. Learning how to react during these can help your organization stay afloat.

Identify – Conducting ongoing information security risk assessments can help your organization recognize vulnerabilities and risks in your environments. On top of regular risk assessments, you should be partnering with a IT service provider that can perform 24/7/365 risk monitoring, prevention services, and quick risk mitigation.

Protect – Enhance the controls in your organization. Institute a data security program, monitor and ensure that it is properly being enforced. Also, have a backup plan in place. Talk to an IT service provider about secure off-site data backups and recovery solutions so you have multiple locations to pull from in case of a disaster.

Detect – Implement detection processes in your network. Firewalls, Intrusion prevention and detection systems, web filtering, anti-virus software, and email spam filtering can detect malicious traffic from websites, phishing and social engineering attacks.

Respond – If an attack slips past your security efforts, the first step is to define the incident and then work to contain it. This could include isolating systems, searching for additional compromises, validating data, collecting evidence and communicating with affected parties, law enforcement or regulators.

Recovery – Recovering from a breach can be the toughest of all steps. On top of reputation recovery, it is important that you recover operationally. Document IT operations and create plans/ guides that can help you in the future. A managed service provider can help you get back on your feet quickly and efficiently so you can minimize downtime and remediation costs.

Here are a few bonus tips for best security practices:

•Patch and update your systems regularly
•Conduct vulnerability scanning and penetration testing
•Raise employee awareness
•Restrict user permissions

Some of the best defense practices are training your employees on prevention. But, be sure to complete regular data backups and talk to IT security professionals about what you can do to protect your organization.

NetServe365 offers a full range of IT security services from their Operations Center located at their headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. Not sure where to start with IT security – contact us today!


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