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SAP HANA with NEC and NetServe365
May 15, 2017

Delivering New Levels of Performance & Availability with SAP HANA

Reporting is inefficient and frustrating – It’s a universal problem. The technology that worked in the past for businesses is now straining with larger data volumes and increased demand for responsiveness.

Until recently, storing and processing larger amounts of data in memory was not an option because of the expensive infrastructure and lack of software for in-memory computing. Cloud-based, in-memory database platforms such as SAP HANA, have changed the way we build and deliver systems by simplifying and replacing complex IT infrastructures. Organizations are able to reap the benefits of real-time analytics and new levels of transaction throughput. The traditional approach of storing data on disk is no longer acceptable. Organizations need to be able to provide correct information in seconds, not hours or days. Using SAP HANA allows organizations to store and process customer data and events in evolving infrastructure that supports the demand for instant access to information.

A recent Forrester highlighted the total cost of ownership (TCO) savings as a result of deploying SAP HANA:

  • 70% reduction in software costs
  • 15% reduction in hardware costs
  • 20% reduction administration and development costs

Partner Collaboration for Efficient Implementation and Management

In collaboration with NEC and Iron Mountain, we have created a simple and easy way to implement a SAP HANA solution. We are able to compress the timeline for migration significantly by managing the entire project from start to finish. The SAP HANA in the Mountain solution offers migration to SAP HANA with secure deployment on a single-tenant private cloud. We are able to layer affordable data backup and disaster recovery for fully managed, 24/7/365 data protection.

The key to success of adoption and migration is to partner with a team of experienced technology service providers. The providers that will deliver seamless, comprehensive and affordable solutions will be able to provide an efficient environment that will allow for an ongoing competitive advantage for your organization.

Migration Ready

Migrating SAP HANA is more than standard infrastructure upgrades. Even after the new infrastructure is deployed and ready, there’s data and applications that need to be migrated. Your partner should have the ability to:
*migrate applications running on any database,
*stage the migration in a separate development, QA and production environment
*help broaden and secure existing deployments across more of your organization
*assume and protect you from the risks associated with migration

Private Cloud Expertise

SAP HANA in the cloud is a repeatable solution that reduces risks and eliminates learning curves while saving money. In the cloud environment, our experienced engineers take care of all the daily operations. That includes provisioning, configuring, daily maintenance, backups and data protection. This frees your company’s resources to focus on core business competencies, not infrastructure maintenance. This model achieves IT organizational efficiencies, scalability, and better visibility into your operating environment.

Compliant Ready

Security is another strongpoint for cloud deployment. In a high-volume data environment, it’s critical the partner, the implementation, and the data center to all be certified as “safe’ from a compliance standpoint. Service providers are certified against security standards and adhere to compliance regulations that govern the use and privacy of sensitive customer data.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

A SAP HANA migration is a good time for organizations to consider how they will address disaster recovery requirements. How much downtime can you afford? With the lingering fear of data breaches, outages, or system failures data backup and disaster recovery has become a must-have for organizations. Although, it is key for avoiding downtime and data loss, DR is traditionally expensive and difficult to pull off. As a result, many organizations recognize the importance of DR, but often do not have the resources for it. The cloud, however, changes all that by making DR more affordable and easy to implement.

NetServe365 and its partners, not only offer a smooth road to SAP HANA, but can also meet DR needs affordably and in a highly secure and disaster tolerant environment. All of your business systems are protected against any form of disaster that could create business disruptions. NetServe365 has partnered with CommVault to implement a cloud based, backup and disaster recovery service that enables organizations to migrate and protect any workload within Iron Mountain’s National underground data center.

Iron Mountain Data Center – Secure and Reliable

Iron Mountain stores and protects billions of customer assets and critical IT environments for over 220,000 companies. Iron Mountain has provided data center services that meets the protection requirements of organizations since the 1980’s. Their extensive history uniquely prepares Iron Mountain to deliver both outstanding availability and energy efficiency, enabling customers to colocate with confidence. The facility is an ultra-secure and compliant 200-acre Tier III designed underground location right outside the Greater Pittsburgh Region. NetServe365 offers secure and redundant cloud hosting, data backup and disaster recovery solutions from our data center in Iron Mountain. NetServe365 leverages Iron Mountain’s reputable history of protecting data by helping to bring the same level of high security and compliance to the environments of all clients.

For more information on SAP HANA in the Mountain, contact us!





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