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September 6, 2017

Part 3: Minimizing the Fragmented Security Toolbox

Today we are going to finish up our three-part blog series that has been examining trends in attack behaviors and vulnerabilities in 2017 via the Cisco Midyear Cyber Security Report. We will be concluding this series by discussing how organizations of all sizes can take control of their security posture and protect their mission critical information from risks and vulnerabilities emerging today.

First, let’s recap what we discussed in the previous articles.

In part 1, we discussed how threat actors are becoming more sophisticated in their attack behaviors while they are learning to evade detection. Cyber-criminals are learning new ways to eliminate the safety-net that organizations rely on with Destruction of Service (DeOS) attacks. Cisco also found that exploits are down, spyware is a huge threat for organizations, and BEC (business email compromise) is one of the most lucrative methods to extract large amounts of money from organizations. Lastly, we discussed that even though IoT is revolutionizing business collaboration and innovation, it is still a huge security risk because of the lack of visibility and security precautions.

In part 2, we discovered that while vulnerability management is increasing, there is still room for huge improvement to reduce threats and impact of future malicious attacks. Weak security practices such as not patching known vulnerabilities quick enough, not limiting privileged access to cloud systems and leaving infrastructures and endpoints unmanaged are endangering organizations throughout the world. Actions need to be taken quickly to tighten security postures to reduce threats.

It is true that defenders are improving their ability to detect threats and prevent attacks as technology innovates and IT professionals become experts in the industry. The dramatic increase in cyber-attack frequency, complexity, and size over the past year suggests that economics of hacking have turned a corner. A Cisco partner, Radware, notes that the modern hacking community is benefiting from quick and easy access to a range of useful and low-cost resources. So, how do organizations handle new and emerging threats?

The Key: Reducing the fragmented security toolbox

Defenders can point to victories in the past, but they must assume that threat actors will continue to dodge their defenses. Defenders already have most of the tools they need to slow down attackers – the tricky part is how they are using them. Many security professionals state that they deploy multiple security tools from many different vendors. This is a complicated approach to security when it should be completely seamless and holistic.

A fragmented and multiproduct security approach can damage an organization’s ability to manage threats. It also increases the number of security triggers that security teams must review. With the cyber talent shortage, this is something that most organizations can handle on their own. When a security team can’t reduce the number of vendors used and adopt a simplified approach, they can reduce their exposure to threats. This also allows organizations to meet security challenges from government regulations.

Reduce the fragmented security toolbox with a MSSP

Organizations are turning to MSSPs (Managed Security Services Provider) for a simplistic and cost-effective approach to security solutions. When you invest in security services with a MSSP, their experts provide full security visibility and incident response to promote your security posture. They have holistic tools and platforms in place that offer services such as: SIEM, threat management, vulnerability management, incident response, behavioral monitoring, threat intelligence, intrusion prevention, and much more. You will also receive access to top-notch security experts that monitor and manage your security events 24/7/365.

Many organizations have trouble keeping with up today’s dynamic threat landscape. To battle evolving vulnerability and attack strategies, organizations are enlisting MSSPs for cost-effective and reliable network protection. Previously we have stated that Cisco and their team has found that it is time that organizations must raise their warning flags even higher. Cisco’s security experts “are becoming increasingly concerned about the accelerating pace of change – and yes, sophistication – in the global cyber threat landscape.” It is important that organizations are taking action now to prevent threats in the future. Contact a MSSP to learn more about how they deliver real-time threat intelligence to quickly identify threats affecting your network and prioritize actionable response. Contact us today for more information!





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