Outsourcing IT Security to a MSP


Outsourcing Security To a Managed Service Provider
December 29, 2015

Outsourcing Security to a Managed Service Provider

Cybercrime is quickly developing and becoming more sophisticated each and every year. Results from a recent survey, by Webroot, show that small to medium size businesses (SMBs) are often not fully equipped to manage IT security. In the past, many SMBs have had the “it won’t happen to me” mindset. In today’s society, with the simplicity of becoming a professional cybercriminal, you need a much different security MO. SMBs might think that they are too small or have little value that hackers would be interested in, but truthfully the under protected and SMB is an attractive target.

The Webroot survey discussed the issue of many businesses being not prepared to protect against cyber threats or address the after effects; 81% of respondents said they intend to increase their security budgets next year to address the issue though. Many SMBs are already outsourcing IT security to MSPs to make up for lack of time and in-house expertise. 81% of respondents said that outsourcing IT Solutions would increase their bandwidth to address other areas of business. MSPs offer many advantages when it comes to outsourcing IT security. With extensive resources, preparation, specialization, and modern security infrastructure, MSPs can help your company be prepared to battle off any threat that comes your way. Keep reading to see more about the advantages of co-sourcing IT security to MSPs.

Extensive Resources

60% of respondents in the Webroot survey said that they were prone to cyber-attacks because of a lack of resources. Skilled cybersecurity resources are in short supply. The major problem is in acquiring these resources and not damaging a business’ bottom line. A MSP already has extensive resources that a SMB can take advantage of, without the huge cost burdensome.

Better Preparation

From the results of the survey, it finds that many SMBs are not completely prepared to handle cybersecurity incidents including insider threats, unsecured internal/external networks, unsecured endpoints, and unsecure websites and phishing attempts. With modern security resources and experts, MSPs can make sure that you are prepared for any kind of cyber threat.


When you are juggling all your daily tasks, maintenance, updates, and keeping business operations running smoothly, security might become washed away in the mess. MSPs have a specialized 24/7/365 team to focus on your company’s security to ensure that their clients get the protection needed.

MSPs who offer modern cloud based security architecture are becoming increasingly important because they allow SMBs to implement protection without investing in new infrastructure or being burdened by upfront deployment and management costs. Trusting a MSP with your security can benefit your company in many ways, some being: less downtime, better protection, and less of a hit on your bottom line. Want to learn more about NetServe365’s security offerings? Contact us today

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