NOC, NOC, Who's There?


NetServe365 24/7/365 Monitoring
April 14, 2015

NOC, NOC, Who’s there?

Let’s take a second and think about the grueling task of managing your company’s network all the time. Your IT staff is always bogged down because you don’t have enough people on hand. You don’t have the budget to hire which is causing everyone to work sun up to sun down. With the weather turning, wouldn’t you like to have time to go outside and plant those flowers you have been waiting to put in or finally plant the grass in the areas where winter has left them bare? Have you been thinking about getting support for your IT staff, offloading maintenance tasks, or even throwing everything IT over the fence? Well, think no more. This is what an MSP (Managed Service Provider) can offer to you – time, scalability, up to date technology, security, and peace of mind. Sounds pretty good, huh?

MSPs can take a huge load off of a company’s shoulders. The benefits of trusting an MSP are outrageous, starting with being able to invest your resources in your core business and not your IT issues because someone is taking care of them for you. Service interruptions can severely decrease productivity while increasing time and cost of your employee’s efforts. Managed Services allows you to monitor at all hours of the day, so as soon as an issue is found it can be eliminated before affecting your entire network.

How does this happen though? Behind the doors of an MSP you will find a highly trained 24/7/365 monitoring team and system. MSPs are managing and monitoring numerous active networks in the NOC (Network Operations Center). They are there, when you can’t be, or shouldn’t be… monitoring 24/7/365, reducing service interruptions, keeping your client data secure, and operating with nearly 100% efficiency. NOCs supply round-the-clock expert support across systems, applications and hardware, and aggregate management and service tools for easy monitoring. NOCs have many important advantages that can make your business run smoother and always create high efficiency in your network. The NOC is like the heart of the operation; working constantly and never missing a beat to make sure that every network is up and running with no problems, 24/7/365.

Convinced yet? It’s understood that trusting a new company with your data and files can be tough, but we can make it easy. MSPs strive to make every promise, every time because they know who they work for – you the customer.

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