5 Keys to Choosing Effective IT Help Desk Services


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May 5, 2016

5 Keys to Choosing Effective IT Help Desk Services

When evaluating an IT support company, there are many factors to consider when determining which is the best fit for your outsourced help desk services. Bringing a new company inside the walls of your organization can be troublesome for many – especially when it’s dealing with IT. It is so very important to find an IT support specialist that is trustworthy and is looking out for your best interest. Today’s world relies heavily on the availability of technology. However, no technology is completely foolproof. So having a reliable and experienced outsourced help desk on your side, 24/7/365, is key to your organization’s success. Keep reading to find out more about what critical considerations you should be looking for when choosing IT help desk services.

What makes an effective Outsourced Help Desk?

Dedicated and Enhanced Support Staff

When you are hiring an outsourced help desk, it is important to make sure that the IT support engineers are employed 100% by the IT support specialist. With this approach, the team is solely focused on servicing the customers’ needs and will be more experienced with in resolving any issues your organization faces. Along with this, the engineers will be able to supply enhanced support because of being continuously trained and certified in the most current technology. They will be able to resolve even the most obscure issues across many different platforms.

Centralized 24/7/365 Support

It’s a good practice to have Help Desk employees centralized to make sure that clients in all regions have access to quality service – no matter what day or time it is. With a centralized help desk, response times increase and the escalation path is always available to speed problem resolution. You will also be able to receive total access, no matter if it is a holiday or 2AM – there will always be someone prepared to resolve your issue.

Team Orientated

An outsourced help desk is only effective as its team members. Having a highly knowledgeable team that can help out with any range of issues that may arise will only help your organization succeed. When looking into an outsourced help desk, it is important to inquire about training they supply to their technicians. A few good questions would be: What types of technologies are the technicians trained on? How often do you train? What kind of certs do your technicians hold? What kind of environment does the help desk have?

This last question can be quite important. Not every technician has experienced every single issue. In the case your technician doesn’t know the resolution right away, he can go to his peers and easily communicate with each other about issue and how to resolve.

Feedback Survey

It is important for the clients to have the ability to fill out a user-friendly feedback tool – on both the technician and the services. This will give the chance for the help desk to constantly enhance its services so both the provider and client can succeed with quick and speedy resolution.

You’re In Control

Finding an outsourced help desk provider that will let you be in control can help you figure out what’s best for your organization’s needs and costs. Ask if they have monthly review meetings to review what calls were made throughout the month. This will help you detect what issue trends are being supported and if you need additional training on any special issue.

NetServe365’s Help Desk

NetServe365’s IT help Desk Service is powered by our 24/7/365 NOC that is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. Our extremely knowledgeable staff is ready and prepared to handle any issue that your organization stumbles upon, no matter what time or what day it is. Contact us today to have an in-depth conversation about outsourced Help Desk.

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