New Year's Resolutions for IT Pros


New Year's Resolutions for IT Pros
January 6, 2016

New Year’s Resolutions for IT Pros

January is often viewed as a chance to start fresh and improve on the previous year by making resolutions and goals that we hopefully keep throughout the year. For the information technology industry, it is a great time to step back and see what can be improved on your organizations systems and procedures. Most resolutions include categories from the health, money and personal agenda, but what about IT department’s resolutions. I asked a handful of IT professionals about their “IT Resolutions” and here is what we came up with:

New Year’s IT Resolutions:

Tackle Data Backup and Recovery

If your organization hasn’t tackled modern data backup and recovery solutions in 2015, 2016 will be your year then. It is so very important to have a concrete backup and recovery plan. Whether there is a natural disaster or a power outage, experiencing downtime can leave you with a huge cost on your hands and a major decrease in productivity. By not modernizing your back and recovery, a company can spend more money and still not be able to recover all their necessary data in the course of a disaster. When upgrading to a single software solution, you can conquer these data protection challenges with less cost, risk and complexity.

Improve infrastructure downtime

How many businesses are familiar with the intricacies of small business IT infrastructure? Many businesses understand the results they want, but might not have the time to properly analyze their IT infrastructure. How many times did you have a server crash in 2015? How much did you estimate is downtime costs in 2015? Downtime can leave your business with a huge cost and a decrease in productivity. The past required technicians to be on-site when repairs needed to happen, but with today’s advancements and by using a proactive business model your servers can be up and running in minutes without your employees noticing the issue. Downtime can cause your organization a large burden but you can overcome that by improving your infrastructure with swift and reliable service in 2016.

Update to Windows 10

Windows 10 came out on July 29th 2015. Many businesses have yet to upgrade to windows 10. Some want to wait for all the kinks to be worked out of it, some like windows 7 (and security updates will be available for years), and there are many other reasons. BUT, don’t forget – you get a full year for free upgrade; let’s get that upgrade done by July 29th 2016.

So, let’s start 2016 with new goals and resolutions to conquer all the needs of your IT department. Need help? Contact NetServe365 for a full range of Managed Service offerings. Contact us today!

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