Network Management: Leave It To The Experts!


Network Management: Leave It To The Experts
October 21, 2016

Network Management: Leave it to the experts!

Proper Network Management can make your IT staff more proactive and reduce service interruptions, but do you have the manpower, time, and budget to get the full support your organization needs? Keep reading to learn more about how outsourced managed IT services can help your organization meet its IT goals.

What is Network Management?

Network management refers to the ever so important, and yes sometimes cumbersome, tasks of managing your computer networks. There is a wide variety of tools, hardware and software that IT managed service providers use to offer a proper and efficient network management offering. These tools will remotely access your organization’s different types of devices (servers, desktops, appliances, firewalls, switches, etc.) to pull security information, performance data, and reliability metrics to ensure operational efficiency. The most important part of network management: 24/7/365 service. Your information and data never stops working – you can’t allow your monitoring and management to stop either. If you don’t, you could walk into work the next day with a huge issue on your hands and an uncertain amount of downtime.

Some Routine Network Management Tasks:

  • Network and Systems Monitoring – 24/7/365
  • Validation and notification for performance and critical issues
  • Patch and update management
  • Vendor Management
  • Data Backup management and verification
  • Account and policy maintenance
  • Incident remediation
  • VPN creation and maintenance
  • And much, more!

Many organizations battle the in-house / out-of-house network management dilemma. Network management can take a lot of time and a lot of manpower. While your organization has a reputable and great IT department, deciding whether your team has enough manpower, time to monitor and manage your network 24/7/365, or budget is usually the deciding factor on whether to monitor in-house or outsource.

Outsourcing IT Support can have a bad connotation, but that isn’t necessarily the truth. Outsourced IT support can create the ultimate IT functionality and partnership. While leveraging internal and external resources, you create the ideal balance of technology and cost efficiency. The managed service provider will fill expertise gaps by working as an extension to your IT team, not replacing. With this model, you will be able to achieve 24/7/365 support, save time, and allow your team to focus on revenue generating projects and tasks.

On top of a proactive and efficient IT environment, outsourced network management can have a direct impact on your organization’s bottom line. Optimizing IT costs falls on the one stable variable, IT staffs are asked to do more with less these days. Allocating resources on items that will maximize the value IT delivers to your business will show a tangible ROI for your IT investments. IT support can provide significant cost savings and can take the stress off stretched budgets. It can be relatively feasible for large corporations to monitor and manage networks in-house, but for small and mid-size businesses, it’s simply not cost-effective. Instead of tackling the costs of management software and dedicated staff, many organizations are turning to managed service providers to experience cost savings and a higher ROI.

Network management is an important piece of the IT puzzle. By taking the effort to create an efficient network management solution you can become proactive, decrease downtime, and increase cost-savings. A managed service provider will be able to fully evaluate your organization for any inefficiencies or mishaps that your network might be experiencing currently. Contact NetServe365 today for an in-depth consultation today!