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Modern Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

How Much Downtime Can Your Organization Afford?

Did you know that 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of a disaster? If this statistic is shocking to you, maybe its time to double check your Disaster Recovery Solution. This article will review how to determine if your organization’s Disaster Recovery Solution needs to b upgraded. Want to learn more about the importance of having an updated DR Solution? Keep reading!

Downtime for Businesses


Protecting your organization’s business-critical data is important for the short and long term success of both your employees and organization. A disaster can strike at any time, any place, and in many different forms and severities. If a disaster would happen, a company can lose their mission critical software applications, virtual machines, data, and potentially their business. The aftershock of a disaster could leave your organization extremely unstable. The only way to be prepared for the worst possible situation is to have a cloud disaster recovery solution in place.

As an IT professional, you are faced with the challenge of rapid data growth and complex data environments by the inevitable move to more and more remote sites, BYOD desires, and multi-cloud environments. These dynamics, compounded by demands for faster, easier recovery, put a strain on traditional enterprise data protection solutions. By not modernizing, a company can spend more money on their current obsolete solution and won’t be able to ensure business continuity and data flow in the course of a disruptive event, unplanned outage, or system failure. When considering all these challenges, it is evident that investigating in a turn-key disaster recovery in cloud computing solution isn’t as out of the realm as once perceived. When upgrading to a modern single software solution, you can conquer these data protection challenges with less cost, risk and complexity.

Need help figuring out if your cloud disaster recovery solutions are up to date and modern? Review these 7 signs that can help determine if an upgrade might be necessary.

7 Signs that You Need to Modernize your Cloud Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

  • Lack of confidence in current solution
  • It is a bad sign if you already have a lack of confidence in your current applications. The ability to make backup deadlines can be critical for some applications to make it to a recovery point. If you are not positive that you can achieve this, it is time to move to a modern data backup and recovery solution.

  • Backups are not completed within backup window
  • You are at risk if you are seeing your backup window continuously shrinking and slipping away. There is a possibility that you may not even be able to finish your backups at all. This is a sign that you need to modernize.

  • Backup tools require a lot of manual intervention
  • Even though data backup is business-critical, there are many other issues and projects that your IT staff needs to worry about. Valuable time can be consumed if you have to constantly manage your backups. A secure and automated backup environment can be put into place that can maintain the sustainability to grow with your future business needs.

  • Backup is slowing down production
  • Backups shouldn’t be hindering your application performance. If your backups are consuming too much network power and it is slowing down your production, it is time to modernize your solution to create a highly efficient environment.

  • Can’t afford to backup all applications
  • Many backup and recovery solutions can be very expensive. This can cause a company to choose what data is important to backup and what is not. If you modernize your solution, you can cut the costs of backup and recovery by going to a streamline solution over a single platform.

  • Managing multiple backup tools
  • As your business grows, the complexity of your infrastructure increases as well. There can be many different backup tools that can create a confusing intertwined web of backup management and timeframes. Now, you can implement a streamline backup solution that can back up all your applications in a single solution.

  • Endpoint data is not properly secured
  • Data that is created on laptops, desktops, and mobile devices is the information that is most at risk because it is easily overlooked. Make sure that your endpoint data is included in your data backup solution.


NetServe365 and their partners have teamed up to provide a single platform to protect and manage your company’s data. Our disaster recovery solutions will address many daunting concerns such as, diverse data siloes, multiple sites, application priorities, and many more. We store your backups at our secure offsite cloud data centers in Pittsburgh, PA, backup and restore entire VMs, and manage your backups 24/7/365, all while giving you peace of mind that your data is always safe. Contact our Disaster Recovery in Cloud Computing experts for executive-level advice and counsel on how to protect your organization today. Learn more about NetServe365’s modern solutions by visiting our webpage or Contact us directly by pushing the button below!

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