Managed Service Provider Vs. Traditional IT Support


Managed IT Services Vs. Traditional IT Support
August 25, 2015

Managed IT Services Vs. Traditional IT Support

Let’s face it, tech support is expensive and not always in the budget. If you are a SMB, a full-time IT department might not be feasible even though it is necessary. One might only get support when something goes wrong, breaks, or needs fixing. This break-fix model is a reactive approach to your IT and, in the long run, can cause your organization more money, time, and productivity.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a proactive model that is viable for companies that need a more economical option for their IT department. MSPs come equipped with a 24/7/365 Operations Center that is fully staffed with IT Technicians and Advanced Engineers. Someone is always available, no matter what time, to resolve any type of issue before it becomes a crisis.

Let’s check out the differences between MSPs & Traditional Tech Support

Proactive vs. Reactive

Traditional Tech Support can be a reactive model to an IT department. The traditional tech will get the IT up to par and not complete any more maintenance until something needs fixed or a crisis occurs. If something bad would occur, the organization is looking at a huge loss in production, productivity, and money. Downtime is not something that a company needs.

A Managed Service Provider model is based around 24/7/365 monitoring and management of their clients’ networks. This means that you have someone watching constantly and detecting issues before they affect your network. You have access to advanced engineers at all times. So if something goes wrong in the middle of the night, an engineer can be there resolving the issue before your operation hours.


A Managed Service Provider offers a range of services that a traditional IT guy might be limited on. When co-sourcing with a MSP, you have access to a full staff of trained and certified Advanced Engineers that can tackle any IT issue that comes their way, from Monitoring to Disaster Recovery all the way to Vendor Management. You name it, an MSP can provide it.


In the Traditional Tech Support, if and when something goes wrong, a vendor can charge a large sum for emergencies. This can cause a huge budget deficit. When working with a MSP, you are charged a monthly flat rate, block plan, or pay as you use. This creates an easily tracked and foreseen budget expense for IT.

MSPs are a proactive, cost-effective way to go about your IT department. They are there, when you can’t be and don’t want to be, managing your IT and making sure everything goes smoothly.

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