Managed Services Provider Myths Debunked


Managed Services Myths Debunked
January 14, 2016

Managed IT Services Provider Myths DEBUNKED!

New year, new perspectives, right? Like with all things, some concepts and beliefs of MSPs (Managed Service Provider) can be misconstrued, twisted, and turned into something that is simply not true. A MSP’s purpose is to be a trusted partner who supplies efficient IT solutions to businesses who need help creating a proactive work environment. But there are some commons myths about MSPs that get thrown around that we can simply prove to be untrue. So, let’s get our spectacles on and get to debunking!

Myth #1: Managed Services Providers replace your current IT staff
Very false. A MSP is here to aide your current staff, not replace it. When partnering with a MSP, a client gains full access to a highly trained staff of engineers that can be at your side, day or night, helping your current staff remediate issues. Let’s be honest – wouldn’t it be great to have another fully trained staff just like you to be able to work with every day?

Myth #2: Managing an outside partner is too much work
This is very much the opposite because you ALWAYS have someone to call at a MSP. When you have an outside partner handling certain aspects of your IT, you have more time to focus on other business critical projects and when something goes wrong, you know who to call no matter what time or day.

Myth #3: Outsourcing is pricey and it comes with outrageous associated costs
Most people think that outsourcing is more expensive, but they are missing out on valuable cost-savings opportunities. Managed Services can supply an on average ROI of 40%; this is a huge cost savings for your IT budget. If a company did this all in-house, there are many associated costs: labor, software, hardware, and maintenance. MSPs offer block hours so it’s completely transparent and you can easily predict monthly costs.

Myth #4: No local help desk support and closed when you need them most
Picture this. It’s Saturday and you are working on a big project that is due on Monday. All of the sudden, BOOM your entire system is down. You pick up the phone to call the help desk and what do you hear? They are closed during the weekend and will reopen during normal business hours on Monday. I’m sure something on the lines of this has happened to all of us at some point in time. Well here’s the beauty of a MSP, 24/7/365 coverage. Something happens on Christmas day? Well, give them a call… they are open and ready to help you out. And the other great news? Local support. If there is a problem where a technician is needed onsite, sending a technician out to fix the issue is no problemo.

Myth #5: Infrastructure must be ready to go
Don’t worry, MSPs are used to coming into companies that don’t have their IT in tip top shape. It’s our job. Don’t sweat it. We can get all your infrastructure up and ready to make the most efficient environment your company has ever seen.

Myth #6: All MSPs are the same
This is definitely not true. They are all different with different niches, support levels, and expertise. You have to do your research and find out what is best for your business.

Don’t let these myths hold you back from entering into a partnership with a MSP. When you do, you can sit back and reap the benefits.

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