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Consider these 5 factors for Managed monitoring solution
February 23, 2016

Looking for a remote Managed Montioring Solution? Consider these 5 factors!

Managed Services can provide exceptional value for all businesses, no matter the size. A study performed by Dimension Data revealed that remote monitoring and automated management (RMM) can help users reduce the time to troubleshoot faulty networking devices by 75%. It also found that Remote Managed Monitoring allowed users to reduce the time to repair defective networking devices by 32%. This research proves that when partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for IT Support Services your company will now experience a proactive approach for tackling network issues.

The old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” can’t apply to IT anymore. With the current complexed and virtualized networks of organizations today, not being proactive can mean huge problems for your organization. Downtime from failed network infrastructure can cause your organization a huge loss in productivity and revenue. With remote managed monitoring you have a whole team, proactively troubleshooting and repairing issues before they become critical problems that will affect your organization’s productivity.

Every Managed IT Service offering is different, but finding the right one for your organization can ensure spectacular service to grow your business and save time, effort and money. It is important to evaluate several factors during your decision-making process, including:

Easy Deployment

Setting up a RMM solution should be simple. A software footprint is installed on client workstations, servers, mobile devices, and other endpoints. The software feeds information about machine health and status back to the MSP.

Platform Support

It is important that many systems are readily available in the managed IT service offering… iOS, Linux, Windows, etc. Some platforms also include custom application monitoring. The MSP will work with you to gather documentation and create a training plan.

Reporting Capabilities

The platform should be able to create hundreds of monthly usage reports so you can easily see performance metrics, security incidents, and dozens of other business and IT functions. When doing this, the MSP should hold monthly calls and meetings to go over key reports with you so that you are continually updated on system performance and improvements.

24/7/365 Support

Your IT systems never stop, why should your monitoring? When you leave at night, your monitoring shouldn’t be stopped. It is important to monitor 24/7/365 so you never have to wake up and go into work with a huge mess to clean up and business downtime to go along with it.

Reduce Downtime

Downtime is problematic for businesses of all sizes, but Managed IT Services can limit the risk of downtime because of their proactive and real-time diagnostics.

NetServe365 is a Pittsburgh Managed IT Services Provider that offers a full range of IT Support services. We have been working in our core business, Managed IT Services, for over 10 years. Looking for a Remote Managed Monitoring Solution? Contact NetServe365 today!
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