IT Help Desk Services: Why It's Important


IT Help Desk Services: Why It's Important
June 30, 2016

IT Help Desk Services: Why It’s Important

Nothing is more frustrating than when you have a ton of work to do and suddenly you have to come to a halt because of a technical glitch. Keeping your IT functions available and operational for use as much as possible is the key to a productive staff and successful business.

Where does your staff turn to when technology is not operational?

Many organizations are lacking the resources (whether it be funds, man power, software, time or knowledge) to provide a fully operational and equipped IT help desk services for their employees. Their budgets don’t allow the cost and the time and effort would compromise revenue generating projects. So, how can your organization gain access to quick response time and top-notch service while taking into consideration budget constraints and company needs?

The most valuable solution is an Outsourced Help Desk Service from a managed IT services provider, like NetServe365. Managed IT can free up time for your staff to focus on revenue generating operations, save money, and create a proactive and efficient network. End user issues are handled by utilizing next-generation technology and an expert staff of engineers to provide support solutions remotely. Keep reading to learn about the benefits your organization can experience while using Managed IT support for Help Desk.

An Outsourced Help desk can assist in enabling an organization to meet their strategic goals.

Benefits of IT Help Desk Services

Fixed Price and Reduced Cost

There is no need to hire new staff to provide a higher level of support. While partnering with a Managed IT services provider (MSP), an organization’s costs are minimize due to a predictable pricing model. Help Desk Services are charged at hourly rate creating a more feasible solution while the costs associated with hiring extra full time employees (salary, retention, and benefits) can be invested in other revenue generating endeavors.

Flexible Hours

Even though your organization’s doors shut at five and open back up at eight, that doesn’t mean your IT systems go home as well. Data doesn’t sleep. It is constantly working behind the scenes during off hours. One of the benefits of outsourcing to a MSP, like NetServe365, for help desk services is that you receive 24/7/365 support. No matter the day or time, your organization has someone to call to put out our IT fires. Most IT support providers will also offer remote monitoring and management with help desk services to ensure that your network is constantly running with efficiency, even after the work-day.

Industry Expertise

Organization’s often find that their staff might not have enough experience for certain tasks or projects. By outsourcing your help desk services you gain the knowledge and expertise of another staff. The MSP’s trained and certified staff will act as an extension of your team to support the end user calls. They are constantly retrained and certified in a wide variety of vendors and platforms to keep up with the latest technology. This can ensure that you are getting top-level support that pertains to your personal business applications and systems.

Improved Response Time

Outsourced Managed IT support includes remote access into a client’s machine. The engineer will be able to take control of a computer or account to address the issue without physically being at the location. You will be able to save on labor, transportation, and materials while allowing faster response time to diagnose and troubleshoot issues.

Availability Increase

When outsourcing your IT help desk, you will be able to see a significant increase in your IT availability. You will have a dedicated team of help desk experts to rely on for technical support, while your current IT team can focus on strategic projects rather than putting out day-to-day fires.

Single Point of Contact

The final benefit of outsourcing that we will discuss is the fact that your outsourced help desk is your single point of contact. You no longer have to remember multiple vendor contact information; your managed services provider can be your one stop shop for IT support.

Investing in off-site support for Help Desk Services not only saves time and resources, but also creates an efficient and productive environment that allows for you to achieve your business mission. IT budgets are always strapped and managing IT is constantly evolving. The benefits of outsourced help desk fuctions allow for these concerns to be offloaded.

Sick of upsupportive support staffs? Contact NetServe365 today to learn more about our excellent IT Help Desk Services, located locally in Pittsburgh, PA. We’ve spent over 10 years advancing our client support experience. Our goal is to make every call productive to supply the best experience for each and every customer. Contact us today!

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