Incidents where Cloud Backup is Superior


Four Incidents where Cloud Backup is Superior
March 3, 2016

Four Incidents where Cloud Backup is Superior

I think by now that we can all agree that cloud data backup is crucial to the survival of any business, no matter the size. With today’s complex cyber threats consistently knocking at your organization’s front door, it is important to have a versatile and secure backup plan in place. In many organizations, on-site and cloud computing solutions should play an equal role to the overall backup plan. When an organization is looking into an on-site backup it is important to make sure that you also have an off-site cloud data center as well to make sure that your data is safe and always accessible in the case of an emergency. The reality is that cloud computing services are expensive and not all organizations, especially SMBs, think they can afford a sustainable cloud backup solution. There are some cases when having a cloud backup solution is absolutely superior though.

Here are a few instances when cloud data backup will save the day:
The crashes and falls of remote working (literally)

Many organizations are now letting people work remotely and with this comes threats that your organization needs to be protected from. Whether it is a lost laptop or an employee who fell for that ransomware email – things can happen. SMBs can have trouble protecting all the data that employees are creating (and the direct access to that data where ever they go). Cloud Backup can be far superior because employees will be able to restore their data from just simply being on a secure internet connection and it can happen in a very short time.

When you learn about the dreaded yearly budget cuts

Like we mentioned before, backup doesn’t seem like a reality to some companies. The reality is that IT staffs are being asked to do more with less. Budgets are increasingly being cut every year, and optimizing IT spending is crucial to your organization’s success. Backup is not an optional service though. Cloud computing services can help SMBs get through tough budget times. Cloud backup and storage can be a cost saving option for your organization because you don’t have to worry about buying the necessary hardware. Also the beauty of cloud is that it’s fully scalable – so it moves with the needs of your organization.


Everything needs updated from time to time. And this is especially true because of all the security threats and cybercrime happening these days. Backup solutions need to keep updated with the latest application and OS releases. A cloud computing solution is a multi-tenant system that can be upgraded on behalf of the users with no downtime.

Accidental Deletion

I saved this one for last because human error is the most common cause of data loss. Whether it’s a careless employee or accidental- once again, things happen and when they do, you will be happy you have a cloud computing solution in place. With cloud computing solutions, it is easy to recover individual files. Within a few minutes, the file can be recovered and you can go back to your normal activities.

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