Cost Benefits with Cloud Backup and Recovery Solutions


Cost benefits with a fully managed backup and recovery solution
March 10, 2016

Enhancing Cost Benefits with a Fully Managed Backup and Recovery Solution

Cloud Backup and Recovery solutions are no longer a luxury for organizations – it is a necessity. It is important to have the proper data backed up and prepared to be recovered in the case of an unexpected disaster, equipment failure, or power outage. According to Gartner, the disaster recovery cloud computing market will be expected to increase from 5.2 billion in 2014 to 7 billion in 2019. Cloud Disaster Recovery, data insurance, is expected to reach 5.8 billion in 2018. This consistent growth shows the importance of cloud computing services and how organizations can no longer afford to ignore the trend.

There are many important aspects of cloud backup and recovery solutions. Having a reliable and trusted IT support specialist that supplies a fully managed solution may be one of the most important aspects for your organization. When investing into fully managed disaster recovery cloud computing, easy deployment can create companywide efficiency and a solid protection plan for your crucial data. Not to mention, give your executives and IT staff peace of mind that their data in always safe.

What is a fully managed Backup and Recovery solution?

In the eyes of a Managed IT Service Provider, a fully managed cloud data backup and recovery solution means that their clients do not have to hire extra IT staff to maintain the software to achieve completely smooth operations. When receiving your backup and recovery solution, there will be an expert staff of engineers in a Network Operations center (NOC) that will be at your disposal to complete many tasks pertaining to your backup and recovery. Some of these include,

  • End to end management
  • Monitoring of systems and machines for storage use
  • Managed onsite and offsite backups, backup schedules, testing of the entire process
  • System troubleshooting
  • IT Support for alerts pertaining to your backups
Why are fully managed backup and recovery solutions valuable?

Not many other platforms can match the cost savings characteristics of fully managed cloud data backup and recovery solutions. The cost of cloud computing services is expensive; some people might think because of this, they only have to backup certain data and applications. But when the time comes, and disaster is knocking at your front door, you will be happy that you took the precaution and invested in a fully managed IT disaster recovery cloud computing service. The costs can scare some organizations away, but when looking for a backup solution you need to look at your TCO (total cost of ownership) for the platform. Because you have a third party managed IT service provider supplying your backup and recovery solution, you do not need to invest in an IT staff to maintain the software. Many organizations don’t have enough IT staff, can’t afford to hire new employees, or don’t have the right IT staff in place for the specific solution. These days it is important to optimize all your spending, especially since most companies are asking the IT department to do more with less. The team that you will have access to from your IT service provider will be fully trained and equipped to take on the tasks listed above. These tedious tasks will be strategically outsourced so your team can focus on other revenue building business to help your organization grow. Having fully managed Cloud data backup and disaster recovery solutions can improve your bottom line in the end and create a whole bucket of cost savings for your organization.

Investing in a fully managed cloud data backup and growth can enable scalability and growth for your organization. Instead of hiring new employees, you can focus on realigning your resources to see them go even further. It is important to do your research before choosing the right Managed IT service provider to supply cloud disaster recovery because not all MSPs are the same.

NetServe365 is a Managed IT Service provider located in Pittsburgh, PA with a regional presence in Cleveland, OH and Morgantown, West Virginia. At NetServe365 we supply our customers with a 24/7/365, fully managed cloud computing disaster recovery solution. Want to learn more about how to protect your organization? Contact us today!

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