Difference Between Data Storage and Backup


Do You know the difference between backup and storage?
November 17, 2015

Do you know the Difference Between Data Backup and Data Storage?

Are you still confused about the difference between data storage and backup?

From a recent survey by carbonite, only 50% people who were questioned knew the difference between data storage and data backup. This means that people are probably not correctly protecting their files and leaving them in danger. Stored data is not necessarily safe data; data that is stored is still at risk of permanent deletion. Most people know, or at least have heard of backup, but don’t do it even though the data can be irreplaceable.

What are the differences?

The main difference between data storage and backup is that backing up data is the process of copying active data to a storage media as a form of short term protection should your files become corrupted, deleted or destroyed. When you store something, you are placing that data in a long-term storage which is comprised of data that does no change much, like business data.

Data Backup

Data backup is a copy of your current state of data, meaning it’s usually retained for a relatively short period of time and superseded with a new backup as data changes. A good way to think of backup is that it is a short-term insurance for data that changes often. They are ran on a regular schedule since the data is changing so much. There are many different types of storage options. For normal users, external hard drives and disks are used. For corporate use, backup appliances and software are normally used.


Data storage is a long-term storage option. You can have instant access to your permanent data when using storage options like clouds. When using storage you are ensuring that you will have long-term reliability, readability, and security of data because it is business crucial.

When it comes to data storage and backup, it is not an either/or situation. No matter what strategy you use, both backup and storage are essential to preserving your data.

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