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Disaster Recovery for business: Plan Early
June 6, 2017

Disaster Recovery For Business: Plan Early

Your organization is running like a well-oiled beast. You have the talent and motivation; but are you planning for longevity? Most of the time, disaster recovery easily gets pushed aside, but it is just as important as business development tasks that your organization is focused on.

• ADVICE: Plan early to be able to easily recover later.

Organizations that don’t plan for data disasters are in risk of downtime. Established organizations may (let’s put a lot of stress on may) be able to withstand the inevitable business and reputational damage that occurs during a disaster, but small – to mid-sized organizations could face the ultimate price, closing the door for good, if they are not properly prepared.

It is the same old tale every time – organizations are either blinded by the facts of disasters, they think they are properly prepared when they are not, or they think that it’s out of budget. Cyber criminals are increasing the level of sophisticated attacks every day. Organizations need to change the way they view their longevity strategies in parallel of the attack strategies. If a disaster were to happen, and business critical assets were lost, stolen or destroyed the remediation costs would be much more business crippling than the price of disaster recovery. A backup strategy that has a clear line to disaster recovery can properly protect company data and save businesses during the worst times.

• ADVICE: Get started now!

Businesses need to recognize the importance of disaster recovery early on. Partner with a managed service provider to create a plan that will serve as your safety net for when the worst is to happen. Where do you start though?

Define your Assets

Before you can start on your disaster recovery plan, you need to analyze what needs to be included in recovery. During this preparatory stage, you should document your assets if you haven’t already done so. Assets could include, data, software applications, hardware, physical locations, etc. It is important that you map these assets to your business processes. Here are a few questions to ask yourself during this stage:
• What infrastructure is most critical to your business processes?
• Can any aspects of your business wait a few days before they resume normal operations?
• Do you have any aspects of the business that need to be running 24/7/365?

Understanding which assets connect to critical business processes can give insight when planning the recovery process.

Define your Recovery Window

The next step in planning your disaster recovery process is to define an appropriate recovery window. The recovery window breaks down into two parts: Recovery Time Objective (RTO) & Recovery Point Objective (RPO).


The recovery time objective is defined as the time it takes to restore a service after it goes down. Some services might have a higher cost of downtime than others. You can better understand a realistic RTO by calculating the per-minute income from revenue generating services.


The recovery point objective is defined as the point in time that a company restores its data to. The more regular and consistent you backup your data, the more recent your RPO will be. This number can vary for different aspects of your business. For instance, when looking at the RPO of financial transactions it would need to be far more recent than static files.

Disaster Recovery for Business in the Cloud

Disaster recovery in cloud computing can help drive down costs, as well as RTO and RPO. Snapshot technology is used to help preserve data quickly and efficiently. A snapshot is the state of a system at a particular point in time. The snapshot will copy a virtual machine disk file and then you can use it to instantly restore the machine to a specific point of time if a failure occurs. A fully comprehensive backup scheduling policy can also keep your backups safe. Replicate them across multiple regions in cloud-based systems to create redundancy.

Managed Backup and Recovery Service

A managed backup and disaster recovery service is there to aide organizations that aren’t fully equipped to handle it on their own. The complex and time consuming nature of backup and recovery can often be too much for certain IT departments. There are many multifaceted aspects when it comes to backup and recovery – how often data needs backed up, how long it is retained and different security requirements. It can be a lot to handle and because of this many organizations are turning to a managed IT services provider.

A managed service provider will work as an extension of your team to provide the full package of backup and recovery. They will be able to set and support policies, as well as schedule and manage the backup process. They will even test your backups regularly to make sure everything is working properly. When you partner with a managed service provider you can receive peace of mind and the freedom to refocus your staffs time to revenue generating projects.


Creating and supporting a disaster recovery plan can be time consuming and very tedious, so much that organizations that feel they don’t have the time will push it aside. Nevertheless, it is important to realize the importance of planning for the worst. Proper preparation and an experienced partner can make the daunting process much easier. Refocus your business to revenue generating projects and plan for business longevity with Disaster Recovery for business.

NetServe365 is a managed service provider that supplies 24/7/365 backups and disaster recovery from their operations center in Pittsburgh, PA. Not sure where to start with disaster recovery planning? Contact us today for a free consultation.





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