New Study Reveals Greatest Cloud Computing Growth Yet


Digital Infrastructure passes physical for the first time
June 16, 2016

Digital Infrastructure Passes Physical for the First Time

In May, a new study has been released from Microsoft that has found that organizations now rely on digital infrastructure more than they do on physical infrastructure for the first time ever. So, what does this mean? The findings from the study show that cloud computing solutions have now taken over any other type of deployment model in information technology. As businesses morph to align with the constant technology advancements and complexities, they will become more dependent on the digital world to deliver products and services to their customers. The study shows 57% of organizational infrastructure will be digital (compared with physical infrastructure) in two years, up from today at 51%.

The worldwide market for cloud computing solutions is expected to grow to $136 billion by 2019, up from $72 billion in 2015

Achieve Business Goals with Cloud Computing Solutions

The cloud computing market is still in the early stages of evolution, with tons of opportunities to grow. Most people have heard or used the cloud – sometimes even without knowing. For example, your iphone cloud, dropbox, office 365, or any online storage program. Many organizations are embracing the cloud in some shape or form because of the inherent flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiency. According to the study, 85% of customers are beyond the discovery phase, but only 15% have reached broad implementation. There are still some worries when it comes to cloud implementation (mostly because of security reasons), but many organizations are seeing it as a way to achieve business goals. Organizations are finding that they are able to increase revenue, improve product quality, and lower overall costs when using cloud computing services.

Organizations are trusting cloud computing providers, such as a managed service provider (MSP), to play an important role in their cloud solutions, whether it be for a “personal trainer” to the cloud, colocation, or a full outsourced solution. The study shows that managed service providers are seeing high loyalty rates when it comes to cloud computing solutions, with 95% of respondents indicating that they plan to stay with their current primary it support services provider for the upcoming year. Organizations are turning to MSPs to find a trusted relationship and expert team that will act as an extension to their current staff to guide and act as an advisor when it comes to IT decisions. MSPs are known for filling expertise gaps, saving time and money, and providing valuable support when and where the client needs it because of their customer-centric model.

Final Thoughts
The opportunities that accompany cloud computing solutions are limitless – as technologies continue to advance, organizations will have to align their technology with the current trends to stay afloat. It is important to find the right cloud computing provider to help your organization choose the most efficient and cost effective cloud deployment for your organization – private, public, or a mix of both with hybrid cloud. NetServe365 is able to provide cloud computing solutions that able your organization to work smarter, faster, and more competitively. Contact us today to talk to our cloud experts.

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