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Efficiency with Remote IT Support Services
April 12, 2016

Create efficiency with Remote IT Support Services – Here’s Why!

Network communications are now even more important to your business than ever before. Having fast and reliable data access is critical to your organization’s efficiency and production. Maintaining a high-performance IT environment is not an easy task though. It requires an expert level of knowledge and experience to maintain and keep your network 100% operational at all times. Every organization has a different level of needs and you must determine the most cost-effective and proactive way to handle your IT support services.

Your organization has a few options on how to handle your IT support services – either you can hire in-house IT experts to maintain your network or you can outsource IT support services to an experienced IT support specialist. Hiring your own employees can be rather expensive, especially for organizations that have a smaller, less complex IT infrastructure, and unfortunately the best IT pro can’t be an expert on every topic. Some organizations find that the most effective way to handle their network and other IT related projects is to outsource IT support services to a trusted Managed IT Services Provider. And sometimes, organizations need a combination of both in-house and remote IT support services to fully optimize efficiency. They will hire onsite IT employees to work on revenue generating business and outsource a remote IT organization to maintain system monitoring, emergency responses, data backup and disaster recovery services, and cloud computing.

So why do these business choose remote IT support services?

There are many beneficial reasons to why organizations choose to outsource managed IT services. Besides the typically lower costs, choosing an IT support specialist to remotely manage your network supplies you with an expert team of engineers available 24/7/365 that are working to solve your problems – usually before they become critical issues or affect the network. Some of the other reasons for outsourcing remote IT services are:

Cost less than onsite services

In most cases, outsourcing your IT support to a managed service provider is more cost-effective than having to hire on new members to your current IT staff, training them, and supplying benefits. When you sign onto managed IT services, you will have access to a new team of experts that are available to help your organization 24/7/365.

Predictable Pricing

Your managed IT services provider will most likely offer block pricing or a pay as you go model. This simplifies your monthly budgeting. Your execs will be happy to know that budgeting will be easier because there will not be unexpected costs coming their way.

Help Desk Services

Having a 24/7/365 help desk service empowers your employees to immediately call for assistance with their system problems. Issues are fixed proactively and quickly so your employees can continue with a high level of productivity and without downtime.

Larger pool of experts available

The best part of outsourced managed IT services is that you get access to a large team of industry experienced, expert engineers. They are working as an extension of your current team – not replacing – monitoring and managing your systems to make sure that you are constantly running and not experiencing downtime. They are at your disposal and can help with any IT problems that you have and usually will resolve the issue before you even know that it is occurring.

Network Monitoring

24/7/365 Network monitoring is one of the services within the managed IT services category. A NOC (network operations center) will be constantly monitoring your network, checking alerts, and making sure that your systems are always up and running.

Network security

With today’s highly sophisticated cyber threats constantly knocking at your door, it is important that you have the best network security to protect your organization’s data. A managed service provider can provide top-notch network security and monitor for threats 24/7/365 so you never have to become a victim of ransomware, phishing sites or any other kind of cybercrime.

It is important when you look for an IT partner to be aware of the depth of their expertise, the understanding that they have of your business operations, and their ability to supply exceptional IT service whenever and wherever it is needed. Remember that a good IT service provider will supply remote monitoring and management, help desk support services and will also have experts that are ready to come to your office to address any concern that you have.

To prepare you for your search, here is a list of questions that you should ask your Managed IT Services provider:

Do you have a support team available during business hours and off-hours? What is a normal wait time?

Do you provide 24/7/365 network monitoring and management? How extensive is your monitoring?

Where is your network operations center located?

How do you resolve network issues with and without remote access?

How do you handle network security? Do you supply critical security detections and monitoring?

Do you offer backup and disaster recovery services? How often do you backup?

Can you manage software licenses?

What industry verticals do you handle and do you have references for them? Do you handle industries like ours?

How many clients do you support?

How do you bill for your services?

What is your process for systems that fail and how to replace them?

About NetServe365

NetServe365 is a Pittsburgh based Managed IT Services Provider that specializes in Managed IT Services, Cloud Computing and IT Consulting. Are you looking for an experienced IT support specialist? Contact us to learn about the different ways that our 24/7/365 remote monitoring and management team can help your organization battle any IT issues your organization is facing. Contact us today!

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