Colocation - Hosting Big Business Benefits


Colocation- Hosting Big Business benefits
March 29, 2016

Colocation – Hosting Big Business Benefits

As more organizations are shifting from individual servers to networked systems, IT pros are understanding the benefits of a colocation solution compared to running their own server room. With outsourcing colocation to a managed service provider (MSP), you can save money and have greater resilience by opting into their data center and cloud computing services. Technology is an ever-changing, multi-networked system that creates a need for a stronger and more powerful solution – the cloud. Your business can stay aligned with the changes and become more competitive.


Business technology needs can change drastically in a short period of time. Did your needs grow overnight? Or did they decline during your slow season? There is no need to hire, or fire, new staff or purchase more equipment to handle your cloud computing needs. You are able to consult with your managed service provider to scale your colocation up or down as needed.


MSPs choose the utmost secure data centers for your cloud storage. There’s no need to purchase security measures yourself for your colocation needs, it’s all included in your plan. The facilities include 24/7/365 Operations support staffs, technical expertise, bio-metric scanners, man traps with key-cards, alarm systems and much more to keep your data safe.


When it comes to connectivity, colocation means that an organization is connected globally, quickly and securely. When companies have on-site server rooms, often they do not have access to resilient internet connection nor dedicated personnel monitoring traffic flow. Colocation allows for faster networking and resilient connectivity at a fairly low price. Data centers have climate-controlled server rooms with high bandwidth speeds and excellent redundancy.


Investing in a managed service provider for colocation services can not only save you money, but turn unpredictable capital expenses into predicated monthly costs. There is no need to pay the costly expenses of an on-site data center. Your organization will be able to budget for colocation and allocated resources efficiently.


MSPs supply reliable cloud hosting that includes a team of experienced engineers that are fully prepared and equipped to handle any problems that might arise – including power outages, data loss, or any other issue. They will make sure that your data is always safe so you can sleep peacefully knowing your business critical data can remain stable and secure.

Colocation services by MSPs will meet business requirements at a lower cost than if you were to keep data on-site. They are able to use their resources to keep your business running smoothly with the flexibility to continually grow with your organization. If a disaster were to occur your organization can be up and running within hours without data loss. Interested in learning more about Pittsburgh Colocation services with NetServe365, contact us today for an in-depth discussion on how NetServe365 can aid your organization. For more information about NetServe365’s Cloud data center, read more here!

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