Cloud Computing Misconceptions


Cloud Misconceptions joke
January 26, 2016

Cloud Misconceptions

Are you still mystified by the concept of the cloud computing? Don’t worry you are not alone. Recent data has shown that many businesses still have doubts and confusion about the cloud. Sometimes, the associated benefits and risks can be confused. Many of the confusions revolve around security of the cloud. Is there enough security checks? How can we make sure that a security breach won’t haunt us? Even though cloud based operations are secure, many people still let the fears overcome the benefits. Others fear that ROI (return on investment) won’t be significant enough to switch to cloud-based infrastructure. Many IT managers have reported that reduced capital expenditures and reduced operational expenditures as the top reasons for moving to the cloud. Not all cloud solutions are the same or can be deployed the same. It is dependent on the business and their operations.

Here are 3 common cloud misconceptions:

Too Expensive

Cloud computing can seem like the more expensive option, but in reality it will save you money in the long run. Cloud adoption can save on IT management costs because it is outsourced by the MSP. Also, the pricing structure of the cloud is extremely clear and predictable so it allows for easy future budgeting. Since the services can be scaled up on-demand, costs are minimized from the outset because you can subscribe for exactly what you need, when you need it.


Without the necessary security measures in place, cloud computing could be insecure. But, this is true of any system really. The cloud offers safeguards that traditional solutions do not. MSPs add additional layers of protection to provide trusted and secured cloud services.

Give up control of sensitive data

Cloud computing offers collaboration and easy exchange of information creating a flexible and controlled environment. It can seem that you are giving up control of data, but in reality you are able to access this data at any time and in any place, as long as you have a secure internet connection.

All partners are identical

Not all partners are the same or have the same agenda and offerings. It is important to do research on the cloud partner to see which partner fits your businesses demand the best.

While there are certain security and cost risks and benefits associated with the cloud, it is important that a business takes the time to weigh each option to the needs of their organization. Discussing the strengths and weaknesses of cloud adoption into your organization is the most important step. Start by contacting a NetServe365 cloud expert today to learn more about our offerings. Schedule today!


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