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Cloud Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Service

A Fully Managed Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

NetServe365 and CommVault have teamed up to provide a single-software platform to protect, manage, and backup all of your company’s information. We work together to add value to your organization with a modern enterprise data protection service. Through our cloud backup, we can store your information at our secure data center in Iron Mountain in the Greater Pittsburgh Area over a secure internet connection, backup and restore entire virtual machines, and manage your backups all while giving you peace of mind that your data is always safe. Complete with robust data protection and secure, reliable cloud, NetServe365’s Cloud Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Service offers flexibility, predicable pricing, and proven results.

NetServe365’s Cloud Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Service, featuring CommVault, showcases the best of disaster recovery and data management in one trustworthy package.

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Cloud Storage Services

  • Manage, protect, and backup with a single-platform that is compatible with your pre-existing hardware, both disk and tape.
  • NetServe365’s expert technicians will manage and support your scheduling, alerts, and testing process 24/7/365 for flexible data backups.
  • Your cloud backups are easily accessible onsite & disaster recovery is secured offsite.
  • We can fulfill your organizational needs with backups to the NetServe365 cloud, local disk or tape.
  • The improved and efficient performance can make sure your organization experiences minimized impact to server and network resources.
  • Recovering an entire environment is simple and quick because our platform is adaptable with Hyper-V and VMware virtual environments.
  • Single files can be recovered from the backup of an entire virtual machine.
Why Utilize Modern Data Backup and Disaster Recovery in Cloud Computing Solutions?

Fully Managed – 24/7/365

NetServe365’s Enterprise Data Protection Service offers 24/7/365 cloud computing management by our expert engineers. Your backup and recovery is properly planned, tested, supported at all hours of the day to ensure secure protection, so you aren’t at risk of losing crucial operational information and revenue.

Quick and Secure Recovery

Our cloud computing disaster recovery services are compatible with pre-existing hardware. The single software platform provides a direct line to quick and secure recovery for your entire environment. Easily failover and back specific virtual machines or an entire site with zero data loss and minimal disruption. Your business critical data is kept secure in our trusted cloud data center.

Backup Recovery


CommVault is built from the ground up on a single platform and unifying code base for integrated data and information management. All functions share the same SNA and back-end technologies to deliver the unparalleled advantages and benefits of a truly holistic approach. CommVault integrates:

  • Backup and Recovery
  • Snapshot management and recovery
  • Active data migration and archiving
  • Data Search and discovery
  • Enterprise service level management and reporting
  • Storage resource management software solutions

CommVault is a leading partner in enterprise data protection and recovery software. CommVault has been named leader in the Gartner’s Magic Leader’s Quadrant for the fifth year in a row.

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Cloud Data Backup

How it works

NetServe365’s Cloud Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Service offers two deployment models. Data backed up can be stored locally and replicated to our offsite data center in Iron Mountain or just sent directly to our data center from your severs. You finally can enjoy true peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and business continuity can be maintained in the course of a disaster.

Supported Applications:

The Cloud Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution is fully supported with the follow plug-ins: Oracle, Exchange, VMware, Hyper-V, SAP, Sharepoint, Microsoft Active Directory and SQL Server.

Commvault Applications

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