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Network Management Service Monitoring
December 2, 2016

The Benefits of Monitoring with a Network Management Service

Organizations are starting to transfer over to cloud computing technologies to reduce operational expenses and maximize employee productivity. However, the cloud can come with certain challenges that can adversely impact the efficiency of IT infrastructure. The most advanced systems are still subject to downtime and performance concerns that can decrease the quality of end-user experience. Smoother operations with 24/7 network access is essential in today’s business climate. Because of this, it is imperative to have a network management service in place. Routine monitoring and management can ensure that your network stays in balance with the highest level of functionality.

Increase Functionality and Performance with a Network Management Service

Ensuring that everything stays in working order requires a network management service with rich functionality. System administrators must be alerts of anomalies as early and often as possible. With detailed notifications, custom checks, 24/7/365 supervision and abundant reporting an IT service provider will stay on top of the network performance. A network monitoring solution can not only save time and money, but it can also reduce data center overhead and ensure network availability at all times.

With all that being said, it can be daunting for organization’s to fish through all the different network support solutions. It is important to remember that the best network products and services set up customers for long term success. There are many different factors to keep in mind when deciding whether to handle monitoring in-house or by outsourcing. Some of the main considerations for your total cost of ownership would be: license, maintenance, support, upgrades, dedicated hardware, and the costs of staffing that is necessary to administer the software 24/7. Instead of tackling the costs, organizations are implementing remotely managed network monitoring to experience strong ROI and cost savings. When putting into perspective complexed virtualized network environments, stretched IT staffs and budgetary constraints, the cost savings found can create a strong business case for investing in a remote network management service.

Let’s take a look at the top benefits of network management service:

Optimized Performance and Network Availability

Networks are becoming more widely dispersed and supporting more operations than ever before. The growing need of availability and functionality is making it mandatory to employ network management software. With 24/7 monitoring, administrators receive information about issues and can quickly resolve the issue before they become major problems. Custom reports and detailed monitoring helps paint a picture of your overall network performance. Therefore, creating quick visibility for a network professional to better optimize the operations within your organization.


Minimize Risk with heighten security standards

Addressing security threats everyday can be extremely time-consuming for an IT team. Especially when you don’t have a specific tool that connects all of the dots. I can’t stress enough how important it is to constantly stay on top of security patches and maintain standardized security settings on all workloads. To maintain high security and compliance, organizations need features that pay close attention to the network. Many solutions can offer real-time network security management to ensure your organization stays informed, secure, and protected from the latest malicious attacks.


Lower Expenses by Improving Asset Utilization

IP enabled endpoints are in a constant rise and will account for more than half of traffic compared to wired by 2017. It’s important to know what is connecting to your network and whether their infrastructure is equipped to handle major fluctuations. A comprehensive tool will provide inventory of devices for analyzing long term trends and facilitating optimum use of available assets.


Successful Implementation of New Technology

A successful network management service makes it easy to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve problems before they affect critical business operations. It allows for timely planning of maintenance windows and bandwidth allocation for improved quality. New technologies can deliver innovation and improvement to your organization. When you are able to monitor and manage the IT environment for issues when deploying new technologies, you can catch issues and quickly resolve for a quick release.


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