5 Improvements Made in Windows 10 Anniversary Update


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July 5, 2016

5 Improvements Made in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Last week, Microsoft announced that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be released on August 2nd – just four days after the free upgrade offer expires. As Microsoft continues to deliver new innovations and features to their operating system, this upgrade will bring upgrades such as Windows Ink and Cortana, a more power-efficient Microsoft Edge Browser, and advanced security features.

In a recent blog post by Microsoft, they stated that over 350 million devices are now running the latest version of Windows 10 with more than 135 billion hours of use of the operating system since the launch last July.

The Anniversary Update will be free for users who are already utilizing Microsoft Windows 10. If you don’t already use Windows 10, the time to upgrade for free is coming to an end. As Microsoft promised when the operating system was released – the Windows 10 FREE upgrade is only available for 1 year, ending on July 29th, 2016. After July 29th, Windows 10 comes at cost of $119.99 for new users. Want to learn more about how to upgrade to Windows 10 today – contact NetServe365.

Here are the most noteworthy improvements in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Additional Security Features

Everyday there are millions of online cyber threats ready to take advantage of your information. Threats, such as malware, phishing, adware, etc., can cause data and sensitive information loss with a huge risk of identity theft. The invasive and sophisticated attacks are costing organization’s an upward of $12 million per incident while wreaking havoc on networks, stealing data, and destroying customer trust. With the new upgrade, Windows 10, will include built-in security protection to keep you and your information (and business) secure.

For Individuals:

  • New Windows Hello security features a stronger biometrics with supporting Windows Apps and Microsoft edge browser. The update will also allow companion devices to use Windows Hello to unlock your PC.
    Improvements to Windows Defender (Microsoft’s free anti-malware service) have been made to automatically schedule quick scans and provide new notifications and summaries.

For Enterprises:

  • WDATP – Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection – will detect and respond to advanced malicious attacks on your corporate networks while providing a detailed threat intelligence and attack detection.
    To help organizations from accidental data leaks, the Anniversary Update releases Windows Information Protection (formerly Enterprise data protection). This application can help organizations separate personal and organizational data to protect corporate information on the go.

Windows Ink

Windows Ink will be available for the first time in the Anniversary Update on a Windows 10 device. Windows Ink will give users the power to be more creative with the power of the pen transforming it to the digital world. You will be able to easily take notes, jot and write on screen shots, and draw on specific apps.


Cortana is there to be your digital assistant and will be supported with more than 1,000 different apps in the Windows Store. Some of the features include:

  • Access Cortana without unlocking your computer for things such as playing music or setting a reminder
  • Cortana can save and recall important information
  • Cortana can be shared through all devices that have windows 10 access – share directions across devices or from text

Microsoft Edge Extensions

Microsoft has updated their Edge browser to provide enhanced features such as, protection against security threats, minimized battery life usage, and easier access.

  • Microsoft Edge will use fewer CPU cycles to consume less memory and minimize the impact of background activity.
  • There will be new extensions to utilize with Microsoft Edge such as Pinterest button, Amazon Assistant, Adblock, Adblock Plus, and LastPass.
  • A new accessibility architecture for Microsoft Edge supports modern web standards (including HTML5, CSS3, and ARIA). Page structure and content can now be viewed more clearly while using high contrast mode for visual and text.

Modern Classroom Innovations

With technology becoming a huge opportunity for all sectors, schools are seeing the benefits of incorporating technology as an aid to learning. Education customers can enjoy a range of new features on the Anniversary Update, including:

  • New and easier set up to help educators get up and running quickly. You will be able to set up shared devices, in bulk, in a matter of minutes with the updated Windows imaging and configuration designer tool.
  • There are also new test taking tools that can create a browser-based, locked-down environment for more secure, online assessments.

This list is just a sampling of the key features that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will offer to its customers. Remember, this upgrade is only available for Windows 10 users on August 2nd. If you don’t already have Windows 10 – upgrade today before it’s too late and the free upgrade is gone on July 29th, 2016. If your organization needs guidance on how to receive licenses for your upgrade – Contact NetServe365 today. One of our Microsoft Solutions experts can have an in-depth conversation about how to get you started.


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