3 Common Backup and Disaster Recovery Challenges


3 Common Backup and Disaster Recovery Challenges
August 25, 2016

3 Common Disaster Recovery Challenges

Many times, data backup and disaster recovery can fall through the cracks when it comes to IT budget planning. There are many reasons people neglect disaster recovery; maybe you don’t want to take on the associated costs, you have the “it won’t happen to us” state of mind, or you have a plan but you think it’s insufficient. You are not alone, however it is important to realize the business crippling consequences of not having a disaster recovery in cloud computing solution.

Cloud data backup and disaster recovery can be comparable to health insurance, but for your company information. Sometimes, it can feel like an unnecessary upfront purchase that can be easily neglected and forgot about- until a disaster happens and you really need it. About 50% of all organizations have experienced some type of disaster – whether it be, human error, natural disaster, equipment failure, malicious attacks, etc. – that has put a stop to operations. The average downtime can last approximately 18 hours, with each hour costing anywhere from $8,000 to $800,000, depending on size of your organization.

Here are a few other shocking statistics about Data Backup and Disaster Recovery:

  • Over 80% of Outages lasted longer than a day – of those outages, 81% kept the business closed for a day or longer, 80% of those companies were out of business within three years of the outage. 40% of those businesses were closed for good within one year of the outage.
  • Only 35% of SMBs have a Disaster Recovery in Cloud Computing Plan
  • ¾ of businesses believe their disaster recovery plans are inadequate

If these statistics haven’t shocked you enough, your local managed IT services provider can give examples from their personal experience that can change your reactive “It won’t happen to us” thought into a proactive “WHEN it happens to us.”

But, even with this shocking information out in the open, many organizations don’t fully understand or choose to object to the necessities of modern data backup and disaster recovery. Below you can find the top three most common challenges to modern disaster recovery solutions.


Backup and disaster recovery is not cheap and many times when clients are reluctant to pay the associated fees, BDR gets moved to the bottom of the pile of things to do and forgotten about. Focusing on the sticker price instead of the business-saving benefits can create a massive issue for your organization. When comparing the price of backup and disaster recovery to all the sums lost in downtime or the ramifications from just one single data breach incident, one can easily weigh the pros and cons.

There are many people who feel that a disaster, in any form, whether it be hardware failure, human error, or natural disaster, won’t happen to them. This can be a huge obstacle for many organizations to understand – until something happens to them. A managed service provider can give real life examples of the costs associated with disaster remediation that can help justify and explain the ins and out of a holistic approach to business continuity.

Time Consuming

It is true that some backup and disaster recovery solutions need day to day administrating and maintenance. Some organizations don’t have the time or staff to complete these tasks on top of other daily operations. This can be very discouraging to some organizations. Therefore, they decide that their business can’t handle a backup and disaster recovery solution. Fortunately, when your organization partners with a managed services provider for a fully managed backup and disaster recovery solution, all those tasks will be taken care of for you by their 24/7/365 network operations center engineers. Your team will be able to focus on revenue generating operations, while the MSP’s engineers work as an extension of your team to manage and support your scheduling, alerts, and testing for flexible BDR.

“We don’t need that”

Many organizations still believe that they simply don’t need a holistic approach to backup and disaster recovery. There are many different reasons that people find it unnecessary. Some think that it is a luxury item that only large organizations have. Others are confused about the necessity of disaster recovery if they already purchase cloud and backup subscriptions. No matter what the reason is, it is important to understand that disaster recovery isn’t a fad item or something that your business can simply live without. You’ll be happy that you bought the “data insurance” once a disaster strikes.


If you have let your organization’s backup and disaster recovery solution fall through the cracks, the time is now to re-evaluate the possibilities. Maybe a disaster hasn’t occurred yet, but, unfortunately, the statistics are against you. Don’t let common BDR objections keep you away from securing your organization’s future and success. Outsourcing your Backup and Disaster recovery to a managed service provider can create a bullet proof solution that can outlast any occurrence, no matter the severity. Contact NetServe365 to learn more about a truly holistic approach to BDR. Contact us today!

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