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Choosing the right MSP for you
June 15, 2017

10 Tips for Choosing the Right MSP for your Organization!

Your IT staff is overworked. You don’t have coverage during the nights or on the weekends; you are experiencing downtime because of it. On top of that, you don’t have the budget to hire more coverage. The cost of downtime and associated remediation costs can be quite burdensome on an organization. So much that it could mean losing customers, revenue, reputation, and the worst, your business. These are common barriers that all organizations seem to hit at some point within their lifecycle. Because of this, organizations are turning to a MSP (Managed Service Providers).

A MSP is an information technology service provider that can help your organization with network / server monitoring, security monitoring and remediation, cloud computing, IT consulting, and much more. A MSP will strategically work to learn the client’s business and make decisions that are sensitive to their budget. The MSP works as an extension of the client’s team, not a replacement. They work hand in hand to fill expertise gaps, save time and money and provide valuable support to the client’s current staff.

So, you’ve decided that your business should inquire about partnering with a MSP. The next step is to do your research and find the MSP that can properly aide with your specific needs. Here are the Top 10 Things to Consider!

24/7/365 Operations

Your data never sleeps, why should your IT support? Finding a MSP that is 24/7/365 is crucial for the longevity of your organization. Tired of getting calls in the middle of night? Or going to work on a Monday morning and realizing that there was a surprise issue during the weekend that is causing downtime? A MSP operations center runs 24/7/365 so you don’t have to. When an issue does occur, the engineers will be there to quickly fix the issue, before it is a large system failure. Minimize downtime from surprise issues and finally experience peace of mind with “always-on” IT Support.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote monitoring and management is another huge key to an organization’s success. MSPs will have remote monitoring and management software in place to have a constant check on your machines, network, and servers’ health and performance. When an issue occurs, the operations center is alerted to take action before it becomes a huge system-wide problem. With 24/7 IT Monitoring, you will reduce downtime and costs while increasing reliability and overall system performance.

Local Operations Center

With the advancements in technology and industry standards, there is no longer a strict need to have an IT service provider right down the road. A MSP can serve their clients remotely from the Operations Center with 24/7/365 support without sacrificing quality, responsiveness, or client-partner relationships. However, when the time comes and you need onsite support, make sure that the MSP has certified engineers that can easily help on-site for further assistance.

Industry Experience

Each industry and business has different standards, policies and requirements that it must comply with. When searching for a qualified MSP to help your specific organizational needs, don’t be shy to ask for case studies and customer references that are in your industry. A MSP with industry experience can only benefit your organization more in the long run.

Certified Engineers

When you partner with a MSP, you get instant access to an expert team of engineers that are at your disposal, 24/7/365. IT is ever-changing and quickly evolving. Because of this, you need to rely on engineers that are constantly trained and certified in the latest technologies. Inquire about what certifications the engineers have and what their future plans are for training.

Wide range of services

The IT field can be chaotic, but that’s why you want to deal with the most knowledgeable and well-rounded organizations. An organization that can cover all the bases for you will make your life that much easier. Some organizations only focus in certain areas, but that might not meet all your organizational needs. Juggling a multitude of vendors can be frustrating and time consuming. Keep in mind that there are MSPs that have a broad range of services that work seamlessly together. A MSP that can help you with anything from backup, cloud solutions, network and server monitoring, to help desk will be able to simplify your life.


With new strands of ransomware and malware hitting the headlines every day, security is a number one priority. When researching MSPs, talk to a MSP that offers a full range of security services; security monitoring, firewall management, vulnerability scans, and much more. These services can help secure your organization’s information and ensure the longevity of your organization. MSPs offer compliance management to make sure their clients are following regulatory policies and won’t run into a messy compliance breach. Lastly, don’t forget to talk to the MSP about what data security policies they have in place for their own personal data.

Global Service

Do you have remote offices? No problemo. With the ability to aid organizations remotely, MSPs are able to service organizations that have global offices or remote users. Many engineers have experience working on projects that are located in different countries and have worked with translators to ease the issues of language barriers. Do you have employees that work remotely? MSPs offer services such as, BYOD, monitoring, VPN creation, procurement management and much more.

MSP Reputation Matters

Reputation matters when it comes to finding a MSP. Think about it, you are trusting your company’s lifeblood to a third-party vendor. It is important to make sure that they simply know what they are doing. Talk to references, read reviews, and talk to organizations that have used them before.

Trusting Relationship

Last but not least, make sure you can have a trusting relationship with the MSP. If you already have the feeling that they are lacking with addressing your wants and needs, then don’t trust them with your critical information. A MSPs main goal is the success of the customer. They will want to educate and guide you on what the best and most cost-friendly choice is for your organization.

Technology is tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Trust in a managed services provider for 24/7/365 IT Support to minimize downtime and increase productivity and peace of mind. NetServe365 is a Pittsburgh local managed services provider that has core competencies in network and server monitoring and support, cloud computing, security services, and IT consulting. Contact us for a free consultation.




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